What size fish can you keep Victoria?

A minimum size of 30cm for rainbow trout and 45cm for brown trout at Lake Toolondo, and a reduced daily bag limit 3 trout – down from 5. A minimum size of 45cm for all trout and a daily bag limit of 3 at Hepburn Lagoon.

Can you still fish in Victoria?

Recreational fishing and boating are permitted with no distance limits and in groups of up to 20 people. … Face masks need to be worn in indoor settings as well as outdoors where you cannot maintain physical distance. If you live in regional Victoria, you can leave home for any reason, with no time or travel limits.


Common name/s Snapper
Scientific name Chrysophrys auratus.
Minimum legal size 28cm
Bag limit 10 (of which no more than 3 fish may be equal to or exceed 40cm in length)
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What size does a fish have to be to keep it?

The minimum size limit is 24 inches fork length (PDF)(opens in new tab), except that up to five fish less than 24 inches fork length may be taken or possessed.

Is there a trout season in Victoria?

The 2021 trout and salmon closed season on rivers and streams is from 12:01am on Tuesday 15 June until 11:59pm on Friday 3 September. … During the closed season, anglers must not take or possess salmonids in, or or next to Victorian rivers, river sections and streams.

Where can I find trout in Victoria?

Best locations to catch trout in Victoria

  • Eildon Pondage.
  • Lake Purrumbete.
  • Rubicon River.
  • Hepburn Lagoon.
  • Tullaroop Reservoir.
  • Moorabool Reservoir.
  • Lake Tolondo.
  • Wurdi Buloc.

How many rods are you allowed to fish with?

A maximum of four rods or lines can be used by any one person at any one time. If any rods or lines are left unattended, they must be clearly marked with the fisher’s name and address or name and boat registration number. A maximum of three hooks or three gangs of hooks can be attached per line.

Do I need fishing Licence in Victoria?

A Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) covers all forms of recreational fishing in all of Victoria’s marine, estuarine and inland waters. Unless you are exempt, an RFL is required when; … Using or possessing recreational fishing equipment in, on or next to Victorian waters.

How much is fishing license in Victoria?

There are 4 fishing licences available

Licence type Cost
3-day licence $10
28-day licence $21.20
1-year licence $34.95 ($2.25 saving when bought online)
3-year licence $95.40 ($5.30 saving when bought online)
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In Victoria, you need a fishing licence (unless you’re exempt) to legally chase bream. Licences can be purchased online. You can only catch and keep bream that are 28 cm or more in length, and you can only keep ten legal size bream on any one day.

How do they measure fish in Victoria?

There are three steps. Firstly, place the fish flat on the ruler. Step two, with the mouth closed move the fish up to zero centimetres. Step three, hold on to the body of the fish and sweep from side to side to get an accurate measure of the fish.

How many yabbies can I catch in Victoria?

Yabby (freshwater)

Common name/s Yabby
Possession limit a maximum of 20 litres of whole yabbies; or 150 whole yabbies; or 5 litres of yabby meat in any form not exceeding 400 tails. This is the maximum number of yabbies that a person can possess at any one time anywhere in Victoria (including your home):

Why are there size limits for fish?

Limits on the number of fish that can be caught are meant to keep anglers from taking too many fish at one time. Size limits are meant to protect fish of spawning size before they are caught. Fishing seasons protect fish during spawning and limit the catch on heavily fished waters.

What size shark can you keep?

Answer: (C) The minimum size for most sharks that can be kept recreationally is 54 inches fork length. This includes blacktip, bull, lemon, nurse, spinner, tiger, blacknose, finetooth, blue, oceanic whitetip, porbeagle, shortfin mako, and common thresher sharks.

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Why does fish size matter?

Due to overfishing, the fish we eat are getting smaller and smaller. … It means we’re eating baby fish before they even had the chance to become parents. So, when it comes to fish, size matters. FishSizeMatters allows you to check the legal and maturity sizes of fish you consume.

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