Where can I fish in Cape Town?

Where can I go fishing in Cape Town?

– Jacobs Bay or Bluewaterbay are all along the West Coast are also excellent options about 130-150km from Cape Town’s CBD. Jacobs Bay is especially safe and the perfect spot for family fishing and Bluewaterbay is a great place for less competitive fun fishing. The bay is also very well known for its sand sharks.

Where can I fish near me without a boat?

How to Find Fishing Spots Near Me: No Boat, No Problem

  • Check with your state fish and wildlife agency. …
  • Visit nearby state and county parks. …
  • Keep an eye open for public waterways on your everyday routes. …
  • Ask at your local tackle shop or join a fishing club. …
  • Listen to local fishing reports.


Is recreational fishing allowed in South Africa?

Under South Africa’s Level 3 lockdown conditions, permit-holding recreational fishers are once again free to go fishing. New legislation announced last week comes with all the expected Covid-19 caveats, but despite this, recreational fishers are free to step into their waders.

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Can you fish at Wemmershoek dam?

There are pretty hectic restrictions, you need a permit from the city council. As far as I know it’s bank angling only, the fly fishing guys are the main group of people who fish there.

Can you swim on Table Mountain?

About Dams on Table Mountain. … The water in the dams is untreated and no swimming is allowed. Up until the 1880s all who lived in Cape Town were dependent on one stream of water (Disa River) that flowed off the mountain.

How far is Kommetjie from Cape Town?

The distance between Cape Town and Kommetjie is 25 km.

How do I get started fishing?

How To Get Started Fishing in 10 Simple Steps

  1. Purchase a fishing license. …
  2. Learn to identify the fish species that inhabit your state waters. …
  3. Locate a good fishing spot. …
  4. Assemble your fising gear and tackle. …
  5. Learn and practice a couple of simple fishing knots.


Can we fish on Level 3?

Fishing is permitted under certain conditions during adjusted Level 3 lockdown. … Kindly take note that recreational fishing may not occur in groups, and all the laws applicable under the amended regulations, including those relating to social distancing, health protocol, shall continue to apply.

How much does a fishing license cost in South Africa?

Permit type Rate Monthly Rate Yearly
Angling R52.00 R76.00
Spearfishing R57.00 R94.00
Cast/Throw Net R57.00 R94.00
Marine Aquarium Fish R57.00 R94.00

The great white shark is totally protected; in 1991 South Africa being the first country in the world to do so. If caught or killed unintentionally, a white shark must be kept in a whole state and handed over to a fisheries officer. No white shark, part or product thereof may be sold.

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Is Dam fishing allowed?

You don’t need a license to fish in a privately owned dam, but make sure to get permission from the owner beforehand. The Western Cape coastline stretches along both the Atlantic and Indian oceans, our province is also home to a number of fishing villages dotted with fishing spots along the coast.

Is fishing allowed December 2020?

The 2020/21 CRAYFISH SEASON (West Coast Rock Lobster or WCRL recreational fishing) is limited to 12 days between 28 November 2020 and 3 April 2021. Western Cape Crayfish Dates For 2020/21 Are As Follows: … From 12 December 2020 to 13 December 2020 (2 days) From 26 December 2020 to 27 December 2020 (2 days)

Where can I catch fish in Paarl?

ShowMe’s Top Fishing Spots near Paarl in the Winelands

  • Dams on Paarl Mountain.
  • Berg River Resort.
  • Du Kloof Lodge – Du Toitskloof.
  • The Elandspad River – Du Toitskloof.
  • The Smalblaar & Molenaars River – Du Toitskloof.
  • The Witte River – Wellington.
  • Le Ferme Trout Fishing Farm.
  • Theewaterskloof Dam – Villiersdorp.
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