Where can I fish on Lake Scugog?

In summer, the Scugog walleye scatter into the main lake. Two hotspots that seem to always produce fish, are the areas around Caesarea and Port Perry. In Caesarea, go out into 7-9 ft. of water, and search for bottom transition areas (ie.

Can you fish on Lake Scugog?

Largemouth and Smallmouth bass are both abundant in Lake Scugog. In fact, the lake has often been said to be a “bass factory”. Bass are often called bucketmouths, smallies or bronzebacks. … Walleye or Pickerel are present in Lake Scugog but, in 2016, a fishing moratorium was put in place by the OMNRF.

Where can I fish in Port Perry?

Best fishing spots in Port Perry, ON

  • Palmer Park. Parks, Playgrounds. (905) 985-0814. …
  • Toogood Pond. Parks. (905) 415-7535. …
  • Milliken Park. Parks. 4325 McCowan Road. …
  • Darlington Provincial Park. Parks. (905) 436-2036. …
  • Milne Dam Conservation Park. Parks. …
  • Pickering Nuclear Power Plant Visitors Center. Visitor Centers. …
  • Legend Boats.
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Is Lake Scugog weedy?

“The health of the lake is great.” In fact, he continues, it’s those same weeds that boaters curse that provide a home — and safe haven — for the Lake Scugog fish. … “With all these invasive weeds, there are massive areas where the fish can sit. They’re all over the entire lake — they can be anywhere.”

Can you fish in Port Perry?

Lake Scugog is a popular fishing destination close to Toronto. Renting a boat from Port Perry Marina for your fishing fun guarantees you have access to all the great fishing locations on the water.

Where is the deepest part of Lake Scugog?

The historic town of Port Perry is on the lake’s south-west shore. Dam at Lindsay, open for spring runoff. Water enters the lake from many sources, mainly the Nonquon River, Blackstock Creek, Cawker’s Creek and the Cartwright wetlands.

General Information.

Size of the watershed 533.7 sq. km.
Greatest depth: 7.6 m.

What kind of fish are in Sturgeon Lake?

Озеро Стерджен/Виды рыб

Is Lake Scugog man made?

Lake Scugog is an artificially flooded lake in Scugog, Regional Municipality of Durham and the unitary city of Kawartha Lakes in central Ontario, Canada.

How thick is the ice on Lake Simcoe?

Depth: 20″ of water. Good walking conditions. Lake Couchichng: 7″ of ice. Good walking conditions.

Where can I fish in Cooks Bay?

The holland river empties into the south end of Cook’s Bay and is a well known spring hotspot for big crappie and jumbo perch. PIKE Northern Pike are abundant in Cook’s Bay due to the weedy and shallow habitat which is the main feeding ground for pike.

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What kind of fish are in Lake Scugog?

Озеро Скагог/Виды рыб

Is Lake Scugog good for kayaking?

Scugog is 30 mins from my house – so makes for a great spot to paddle in an afternoon, and a great lake to drop a line in. I know its not the north, is normally packed with boat traffic, and had some virus issue with the carp this spring – but gives me a spot close to home to escape when needed quickly.

Where can I swim at Lake Scugog?

Sandbar Beach is a 100-metre, grassy beach located on Lake Scugog. Lake Scugog, with small, long rivers in several directions, connects to Sturgeon Lake, Cameron Lake, and several others in that region. Near the beach, find swings, ample parking, and some waste receptacles.

What is the depth of Lake Scugog?


Can you fish at Palmer Park?


and the City of Detroit Recreation Department continues for its 19th year. Boys and Girls ages 7-14 are invited for fishing, fun, prizes and gifts! This is a FREE contest, open to the public, but you must register and furnish all of your fishing equipment.

How do I get a fishing license in Ontario?

You must buy an Outdoors Card before you can buy a fishing licence. However, you can buy a one-day sport fishing licence without an Outdoors Card. When you buy or renew your Outdoors Card, you will get a plastic card mailed to you. This will have your fishing licence printed on the back.

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