Where can I ice fish in Lake Cascade?

Lake Cascade State Park staff developed the area so it can be plowed, and Fish and Game hired a contractor to keep it clear of snow during the ice fishing season. To get there turn west on Loomis Lane from Idaho 55 about a mile south of Donnelly and follow the signs to the Boulder Creek unit.

How thick is the ice on Cascade Lake?

Ice is 8 to 9 inches thick here. Once away from the ramp to the south, much of the lake ice conditions have improved since last weekend, but again travel is still difficult due to deep snow and slush.

Does Lake Cascade freeze?

Lake Cascade has now frozen over entirely! As of today (Dec 30) there is 4-5 inches of good clear ice in the Sugarloaf boat ramp and island areas. This does not mean that the ice is this thick over the entire lake.

Can you fish in Cascade Lake?

Fishing At Cascade Reservoir

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Boasting a wide variety of fish species, Cascade Reservoir is an anglers paradise. … The primary targets for anglers these days include crappie, bass, catfish, salmon, trout, bluegill and yellow perch. Both salmon and trout are stocked with regularity.

Where can I go ice fishing in Idaho?

Ice Fishing: Where to Go

  • Fernan Lake is 423 acres near Coeur d’Alene and has a variety of fish.
  • Cocolalla Lake is 803 acres in Bonners County off U.S. 95 south of Sandpoint. …
  • Upper Twin Lake and Lower Twin Lake: These lakes are 525 acres and 390 acres and in Kootenai County north of Rathdrum. They have trout, perch, kokanee, and other species.

What kind of fish are in Lake Cascade?

Озеро Каскейд/Виды рыб

What is the water temperature of Cascade Lake Idaho?

Lake Cascade’s current water temperature is 66°F. Today’s forecast is: , with a high around 82°F and a low around 50°F.

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What’s the world record perch?

As of May 2016, the official all tackle world record recognised by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) stands at 2.9 kg (6 lb 6 oz) for a Finnish fish caught September 4, 2010.

What is the world record yellow perch?

Tia Wiese’s world record perch measured 15.5 inches long, with a 12.75-inch girth. In March of 2005, Massachusetts angler and regular On The Water contributor Roy Leyva set the ice-fishing world record for a yellow perch caught on a tip-up: 2 pounds, 6 ounces, caught on Massachusetts’ Sheep Pond.

Where is Cascade Lake in Idaho?

Lake Cascade (formerly Cascade Reservoir, is a reservoir in the western United States, on the North Fork of the Payette River in Valley County, Idaho. Located in the Boise National Forest, it has a surface area of 47 square miles (122 km2), and is the fourth largest lake or reservoir in the state.

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How deep is the Payette Lake?

Payette Lake is a 5,330 acre expanse of clean, glacial water sitting at an elevation of about 5,000 feet in the mountains of Idaho. Over 10,000 years ago Payette Lake was carved out by a glacier 1,000 ft high, 2.5 miles wide and eight miles long. At its deepest point the lake is 392 ft deep.

What kind of fish are in Payette Lake?

Fishing At Payette Lake

Anglers mainly target rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, lake trout and kokanee salmon, often hooking trophy-size fish. Bass enthusiasts are happy to enjoy the quality smallmouth fishing.

Is Cascade Lake Clean?

Lake Cascade offers nearly 50 miles of clean, sandy shores perfect for swimming, hiking, and bank fishing with campgrounds and restrooms, boat ramps and good access backroads which completely encircle its fish-filled waters.

Can you ice fish in Idaho?

Ice fishing starts in the fall in some of Idaho’s chilliest locations, but it’s usually not until December or January that the ice is thick enough to fish in most parts of the state. Three to four inches of solid ice is the minimum to support a person, and thicker ice is needed for groups.

Can you fish in Idaho in the winter?

Winter fishing in Idaho: Where to Go. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the fish aren’t biting. Throughout Idaho, anglers brave the chill and fish all winter long, whether it’s through the ice or by standing in cold rivers and casting to trout. And Idaho boasts some of the best winter trout fisheries in the country.

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Is there ice on Chesterfield Reservoir?

Chesterfield Reservoir (Ice Fishing)

But if you’re willing to make a longer drive, Chesterfield Reservoir near Pocatello has a thick layer of ice and a reputation for producing big fish.

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