Where can you fish on the broads?

Can you fish anywhere on the broads?

Where to fish. There are several publicly accessible fishing platforms in the Broads area, and angling is also permitted from most Broads Authority 24 hour moorings unless stated otherwise. If angling on a Broads Authority mooring please remember: At moorings, anglers must always give way to boats wishing to moor.

When can you fish on the broads?

The Open Fishing Season dates are: Coarse Fishing – From 16th June through to 14th March the following year. Please remember the closed season applies to the broads and rivers from 15th March – 15th June inclusive.

Do you need a permit to fish on the Norfolk Broads?

Do I need a fishing licence on the Norfolk Broads? Every angler over the age of 12 is required to have a licence. During the open season, this allows angling on the free fishing areas of the Broads. Licences can be issued for 1-day, 8-day or 12-month periods from Environment Agency.

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Can you fish the river Bure?

River Bure

Thurne Mouth to Ant Mouth has some of the best day time fishing on the river as it has colour all of the time. … Horning has a lot of species with the river turning up some nice tench to 12lb after dark. It has a good head of bream which feed day or night and lots of roach.

Can you fish at breydon water?

There’s also opportunities for fishing, boating, golf, riding, cycling and walking in the nearby area, so whatever you fancy doing, you’re sure to find it. Breydon Water makes a superb base for enjoying the delights of the local area.

What fish are in the river Yare?

Main species are quality roach, with individual fish over 2lb not unheard of, skimmers, bream up to 8lb and perch. There are also big carp and pike present although swim selection is key for these species.

Are there carp in the broads?

The incredible variety of fish in the Norfolk Broads include carp, eel, roach, rudd, bream, perch, pike and tench. The popularity of fishing on the Norfolk Broads is plain to see with many tackle shops located around the waterways and in the towns and villages.

Can you fish salhouse broad?

There is no problem with fishing any part of Salhouse although most of the broad is quite shallow, mostly Roach and gudgeon but if you moor on the inside of the island at the entrances it is deeper and there are some big Perch there. Yes,you can fish for as long as you like.

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Is there a closed fishing season on the Norfolk Broads?

Please remember that when fishing on the Norfolk Broads, the closed season applies to all the Broads and rivers from 14th March to 16th June inclusive. … There are also places where you can moor up and fish, as well as some great fishing platforms.

Can you sail on the Norfolk Broads at night?

The maximum speed limit on the Norfolk Broads is between 3-6mph. Cruising should only be done during the hours from dawn and dusk.

Where can I Pike fish on the Norfolk Broads?

The Best Fishing Locations on the Norfolk Broads

  • Potter Heigham. If you want to fish for bream then Potter Heigham, on the river Thurne, is a good place. …
  • Martham Broad. …
  • Acle Bridge and Upton Dyke. …
  • Salhouse Broad. …
  • Horning. …
  • Wroxham. …
  • River Ant. …
  • River Bure.

Can you fish Horsey Mere?

Horsey Mere

Anglers can also use a small area in the southern part of the mere as long as they acquire a permit first. For permits please contact Robin Buxton. Natural England sees any boating or fishing outside these areas as likely to disturb waterfowl and therefore an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Where can I fish on the River Wensum?

Free fishing on the River Wensum

  • Fakenham Common (near Fakenham Mill) This is a nice stretch with great Roach and Skimmer fishing. …
  • Ringland Bridge. Barbel, Chub, Dace, Pike and Roach are present.
  • Hellesdon Mill Pool. Barbel, Chub, Dace, Pike and Roach are present.
  • Norwich City.
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Are there pike in the Norfolk Broads?

The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads are world-renowned for excellent pike fishing. Large pike up to 30lbs in weight have been caught on the rivers and broads, but their numbers are on the decline so good fishing practices are vital to protect and increase numbers.

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