Where do you fish frogs?

Don’t be afraid to go frog fishing for bass near woods, docks, or other forms of shallow cover, though. Remember that frogs are weedless, so cast directly into the vegetation without fearing the thickest cover. Cast inches from shore if there is a solid bank bordering the weeds.

What’s the best time to fish a frog?

The best time to throw frog lures for bass is from early summer through early fall for most of the country. Southern anglers may see success with frogs in late spring. Once water temperatures hit about 68° and up, a frog can be a really good bait rain or shine until the first frost in fall.

When should I use a topwater frog?

Fishing a topwater frog can be one of the most frustrating, yet rewarding techniques in fishing. There is nothing quite like the explosion on the surface of the water as a bass eats. Early morning, evening, or even right in the middle of the day are all great times to fish a frog.

What color frog should I use?

Tackle and Technique

They use black or white almost all the time. More realistic frog colors such as green, brown or some combination also work well.

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Which fish eat frogs?


Many anglers perceive frogs as big-fish baits. However, they’re often surprised when barely legal bass grab half-ounce frogs, proving that bass of all ages and sizes are keen on eating frogs.

Can you fish a frog on a spinning reel?

Another surprising technique Ware employs effortlessly on the 7-foot, heavy-action IMX spinning rod is a hollow-body topwater frog. He will go as heavy as 80-pound test on the frog as well. … “The places you can skip that frog on that shorter rod with a big spinning reel is incredible,” Ware says.

What is the best line for frog fishing?

​What is the Best Line for Frog Lures ? ​The best frog line is braided fishing line it has a lower stretch when compared to monofilament and it’s thinner diameter also helps it to slice through weeds much easier than either flourocarbon or mono.

Can fish live with hook in mouth?

A hook can survive in the mouth of a fish for a very long time. The old idea that a hook will rust out in a few days to a week is bunk! Stick a fish hook in a glass of salt water and see how long it takes to dissolve. There is also the thought that a wound will fester around the hook, and the hook will just fall out.

Do topwater frogs work at night?

Frogs—Topwater frogs get my vote for favorite bait to throw when bass fishing at night. The sound of a topwater frog getting engulfed is about the coolest sound. Some nights they just won’t come up for one. Other nights you can’t keep them off.

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Do frogs eat fish?

Many frogs have the ability to change color on demand. … Adult frogs will hunt and eat insects, worms, snails, dragonflies, mosquitoes, and grasshoppers. Larger frogs will also go after small animals like mice, snakes, birds, other frogs, small turtles, and even small fish from our ponds if they can fit in their mouths.

Can you frogfish with a medium heavy rod?

A medium-heavy action rod can help delay your hookset by just a split second, which is often all that’s needed to ensure a solid hookset and drastically increase your hookup ratio.

What fish go for frog lures?

There is arguably no more exciting way to catch bass than having a giant largemouth blow up on a topwater frog. Frog fishing for bass offers an exhilarating, fast-paced, sight fishing opportunity that pushes your anticipation to the limit. Sometimes it can even be the most productive way to catch bass.

What is the best frog for bass fishing?

Best Walking Frogs for Bass Fishing

  • LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog. The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog is our top choice for walking frogs for bass fishing. …
  • BOOYAH Pad Crasher. In a close second place is the BOOYAH Pad Crasher. …
  • SPRO Bronzeye Frog.


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