Which Indian state is the largest exporter of fish?

Rank State Total production (lakh metric tonnes)
1 Andhra Pradesh 34.5
2 West Bengal 18.42
3 Gujarat 15.45
4 Kerala 15.35

Which state is the largest producer of fish in India?

Not many are aware but, Gujarat is a leading fish producer and exporter too. The state ranks on the third position in many websites with total production of 8.35 lakh tonnes in fish business. Gujarat is also an awardee for open sea cage fish farming.

Which country is the largest exporter of fish?

Since 2002, China has been the world’s largest exporter of fish and fishery products. In 2008 its exports reached USD 10.3 billion.

Which state is the largest producer of fish?

Tamil Nadu grabbed the first position with 7.75 lakh tonnes of landings overtaking Gujarat, which has been leading the table for years. Fish landings in Gujarat declined from 7.80 lakh tonnes in 2018 to 7.49 lakh tonnes in 2019.

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Which fish is most exported from India?

At $4,889.12 million worth of exports, frozen shrimp retained its position as the most significant item in India’s basket of seafood exports. It accounted for 50.58 per cent of total quantity and 73.21 per cent of total dollar earnings.

Which fish is banned in India?

It is illegal to cultivate this in India. The Mangur is considered harmful to the environment, and its breeding was banned by the National Green Tribunal last year.

Which state is No 1 in fish production?

India has 7,516 kilometres (4,670 mi) of marine coastline, 3,827 fishing villages and 1,914 traditional fish landing centers.


Rank State Total production (lakh metric tonnes)
1 Andhra Pradesh 34.5
2 West Bengal 18.42
3 Gujarat 15.45
4 Kerala 15.35

Which country has the best fish?

The Bahamas are arguably the home of big game fishing with the waters around the islands holding some large species — including marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi, and sailfish. Records are set in The Bahamas nearly every year as some of the world’s best fisherman try and cast their reels for the ultimate catch.

What is the most expensive fish to eat in the world?

What is the most expensive fish in the world to eat? Japan tuna is the world’s expensive edible fish. A bluefin tuna can be sold for three-quarters of a million dollars in Tokyo alone.

Which country eats the most fish?

Some countries eat large quantities of fish. Fish is arguably among the most commonly consumed food in the world today. People around the world consume fish in their homes and restaurants with other meals.

Countries That Eat the Most Fish.

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Rank Country Value (Tonnes)
1 China 2,035,262.17
2 Myanmar 1,501,415.06
3 Vietnam 1,148,447.43
4 Japan 730,783.86

Which is the largest fish in India?

Humpback Mahseer is one of the highly esteemed food fish and one of the largest fresh water river fish in India. Indian humpback Mahseer is most iconic fresh-water fish found only in the Cauvery Basin of Indian river system and is on the brink of extinction.

Which is the biggest fish in India?

The largest living lobe-finned fish is the coelacanth. The average weight of the living West Indian Ocean coelacanth, (Latimeria chalumnae), is 80 kg (180 lb), and they can reach up to 2 m (6.6 ft) in length.

Which state is known for fish?


State Fish Year
California Golden trout (fresh water) 1947
Garibaldi (salt water) 1995
Colorado Greenback cutthroat trout 1994
Connecticut American shad 2003

Does India import fish?

India’s major importing fish and fish products are fresh or chilled fish, and feed from aquatic products. These products are mainly imported from countries such as Bangladesh, Japan and Pakistan besides some from USA, Norway, China, Singapore, Thailand and Republic of Korea.

Which fish is exported from India?

Export of frozen cuttlefish, pegged at 70,906 MT, showed a positive growth of 17.76 per cent in quantity, 1.71 per cent in rupee value and 1.45 per cent in dollar terms, and earned Rs 2,009.79 crore (286.40 USD million).

Which sea food is the largest product exported from India?

For the FY 2019-20, which sea food was the largest product to be exported from India? Notes: Frozen shrimp was the major export product among the sea food followed by frozen fish in FY 2010-20. India has shipped 12.89 lakh tones of seafood during the last financial year amounting USD 6.68 billion.

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