Who came to the fisherman and what did the fisherman tell him?

The jinni then led the fisherman to a pond with many exotic fish, and the fisherman caught four. Before disappearing, the jinni told the fisherman to give the fish to the Sultan.

What did fisherman’s wife say at last?

“Yes,” she said, “now I am king.” He stood and looked at her, and after thus looking at her for a while he said, “Wife, it is very nice that you are king. Now we don’t have to wish for anything else.”

What made the fisherman ask his second wish what did he ask for?

The wife didn’t give up this time either. Her greed was stronger than anything else, and he had to leave for the sea again, but he was so ashamed that he couldn’t look at the fish. He asked her for another wish, and she said it would be granted. His wife was miserable again and wanted to become the pope.

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Why did the wife send the fisherman back to the fish?

She wanted to rule the sun and the moon directing their rises. When the fish heard that it sent the fisherman home again saying they got back what they had before. They were in the same very poor hut as before the fish was caught.

What was the first wish of the fisherman?

One day the fisherman catches a fish, which claims to be an enchanted prince and begs to be set free. The fisherman kindly releases it. When his wife hears the story, she says he ought to have had the fish grant him a wish. She insists that he go back and ask the flounder to grant her wish for a nice house.

Why did the fisherman not marry his daughter?

Answer: The fisherman has a daughter of 17 years which was an age for marriage before.So the fisherman searched for a good groom for her daughter but unfortunately he didn’t have enough money to get her daughter married.

What is the moral of The Fisherman and His Wife?

The moral of “The Fisherman and His Wife” is that a person must be thankful for what he has and not always want more, lest it become impossible for him ever to be satisfied. … This German fairy tale tells the story of a fisherman who one day caught a fish who begged him to release him because he was really a prince.

What is the moral of the fisherman and the little fish?


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What is the moral of the story the magic fish?

Here, as in the original tale, character flaws and vices have definite consequences, which one can regret for the rest of one’s life. It’s a moral worth teaching to young children, even if you have to explain to them that the fish in the story isn’t some weird zombie carp.

What is the moral of the magic fish?

The fish was trying to teach the wife a lesson about being greedy. People need to be happy with what they have or appreciate what they have and not always want better things.

How does the fisherman feel about his wife’s request?

How does the fisherman feel about his wife’s request? He thinks they will be unhappy as kings. He thinks she will be a bad king. He appreciates her motivation.

What did the fisherman catch in the story the poor fisherman and his wife?

The Poor Fisherman and His Wife. Many, many years ago a poor fisherman and his wife lived with their three sons in a village by the sea. One day the old man set his snare in the water not far from his house, and at night when he went to look at it, he found that he had caught a great white fish.

Why does the fisherman shake his head at the wealthy man and the shopkeeper?

Why does the fisherman shake his head at the wealthy man and the shopkeeper? He does not care about other people’s problems at that moment. He does not think that the men should be arguing in the street. … He does not agree with the wealthy man’s argument about the merchandise.

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Why did the soldier catch the fisherman?

After a few days, the soldiers caught a fisherman. He was trying to sell the ring which. Dushyant’s name inscribed on it) The fisherman had found the ring inside a fish’s.

Why was the fisherman surprised after pulling in his net?

One day, he went out to the sea to catch fish on his boat. When he pulled up his net, he was. Surprised to find a shiny golden fish trapped in his net. … The golden fish was very grateful.

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