Why is my fish staying by the filter?

Fish like to feel safe, and they like to know they have a hiding place near by if they should need to quickly dart away. It might be that it’s the only decent spot to ‘hide’ in so they’re all staying there until they get used to the tank.

How do I know if my filter is too strong for my fish?

Here are a handful of the common signs your water flow is too strong.

  1. Fish struggle to move at their own pace.
  2. Larger finned fish show retarded rates and more dangling motions.
  3. Smaller fish such as Betta struggle to swim at an angle and swim in a different manner than usual.


How do I know if my fish need more oxygen?

The most telling sign that your fish need more oxygen is if you see them gasping at the surface — they will also tend to hang out back by the filter output. This area of your tank tends to possess the highest oxygen concentration as it is near the most disturbed surface.

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How can I oxygenate my water without a pump?

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Take any type of clean cup, pitcher or another container, scoop out and fill it with aquarium water.
  2. Hold the filled container some distance above the aquarium, and pour the water back into the tank. Repeat this process numerous times.


Can too strong of a filter kill fish?

If you put the latter species in strong current it might stress them and weaken their immune system. But if you mean a “strong filter” as being a filter system that is capable of filter a much larger aquarium system than the one it’s attached to. Then th answer is no. You can’t over filtrate an aquarium system.

How do I know if my fish tank filter is working?

First, check that the filter is still working. Look for water bubbling out of the top of the pipes. If there are no bubbles, the filter may not be working. Therefore, repair or replace the filter.

How do you keep fish from getting sucked into filters?

What I do is buy an AquaClear 20 sponge, cut it in half, then use scissors to make a slit in it and slide it over the filter intake. Works quite well, prevents junk from getting sucked up too (leaves, food and such). I just remove it and rinse it out when I clean the tank.

How do I check the oxygen level in my fish tank?

The best way to test the amount of dissolved oxygen in your aquarium’s water is with a portable dissolved oxygen meter. After calibrating the meter, you can place a probe into the tank water, and read the results on the digital display.

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Is too much aeration bad for fish?

Too much oxygen in water can lead to the potentially lethal gas bubble disease, in which gas comes out of solution inside the fish, creating bubbles in its skin and around its eyes. (Excess nitrogen, however, is a far more common cause of this disease.)

How do I know if my tank has low oxygen?

Symptoms of Low Oxygen

They will swim less vigorously and even eat less often. As oxygen levels drop further, the fish will begin to show labored breathing and more rapid gill movements as they desperately attempt to get enough oxygen from the water by passing more water over their gills.

How can I run my water pump without electricity?

Solar powered water pumps,as the name suggests, use solar energy to run. These solar powered water pumps are extremely cost-effective, durable, easy to install and require minimum maintenance when compared to the normal water pumps. The life of an installed pump can be as long as 20 years.

Do puffer fish need air pump?

as for the airstone it’s optional. as long as you have a good filtration you shouldn’t even really need it. I have a 60gal airpump in my 53gal tank with my GSP it was too much power so i had to cut 1 line and put it into a 10gal tank below my 53gal tank and that tank is used for breeding snails for food.

How do you save a dying fish?

Treat tap water with water conditioner and a pinch of aquarium salt before you put it in the fishbowl. The salt will help to kill bacteria in the water and keep the water clean for your fish. Do not use iodized salt, as this can harm your fish.

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