You asked: Do I need fly fishing boots?

Yes. You do need boots with waders. While some options have boots that come attached, others may only have neoprene socks on the bottom. If your waders only have the neoprene socks, you’ll need to purchase wading boots.

Are waders necessary for fly fishing?

You do not need waders to successfully fly fish. However, waders make standing in water more comfortable and they facilitate easier casting and access to hard to reach fishing spots. You may not be ready to fork over big bucks for a pair of waders and that’s okay.

Can you wear waders without boots?

I prefer stocking foot waders. These have a neoprene foot to provide a little insulation on your feet. … Additionally, you can wear the boot without the wader in warmer months when you may choose to wet wade.

What shoes should I wear for fly fishing?

Wading boots with interchangeable soles allow the angler to match the appropriate sole for the traction needed on any given day. Choose rubber soles for hiking to an alpine lake on a rocky trail or felt soles for the mossy rocks of the riverbed.

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Do you wear boots with fishing waders?

You wear wading boots. That’s right specialized boots made specifically for use with stocking foot waders. The vast majority of fly anglers choose stocking foot waders over boot foot waders because any pair of wading boots can be worn with any pair of waders.

What are the best waders for the money?

Best High-end Fishing Waders

  • Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders.
  • Simms G4Z Stockingfoot Waders.
  • Orvis PRO Waders.
  • Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition Waders.


Do you really need waders?

Waders may not be essential, but they sure make standing in water more comfortable. They also make casting more manageable by giving you a better choice of spots, allowing you to reach areas that are harder to access from the land.

Do wading boots get wet inside?

Wading boots aren’t waterproof. They are worn to protect your feet and your waders from punctures and for traction. Without stockingfoot waders inside the boots your feet will get wet. May never need to lie.

Do you wear socks inside stocking foot waders?

They are warm without being too warm, have a comfortable fit and slide easily into and out of a pair of waders—no sock-tucking necessary. The greatest challenge in under-wader wear is keeping the feet warm. … The best bet is to wear two pairs of quality socks, but not just any socks.

Do you wear socks with waders?

Best Socks to Wear With Waders

It is always a good idea to wear socks that go above your ankle to prevent rubbing against the neoprene in the booties of your waders. Longer socks also give you the option to tuck your leg layers in to prevent bunching and cold spots where the skin is directly against the waders.

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Why are felt soled boots illegal?

Research has shown that the material can trap and transfer a variety of harmful invasive organisms, such as New Zealand mudsnails, Didymo, or “rock snot”, and Myxobolus cereabralis, a parasite that infects trout and salmon. …

Do you wear socks with wading boots?

Always wear your wading socks with wading boots. Wading boots are wide enough to comfortably fit wading socks or a stockingfoot wader foot inside. There are waterproof hiking socks but that isn’t the purpose of this article so I won’t touch on those.

What size wading boots should I buy?

Wading boots should be sized one size up from a standard hiking boot. The extra space is given so that anglers can fit comfortably into their boots while wearing wading socks. If you plan on fishing cold waters in early season, adding an extra half size to your boot size is a good idea.

Do you wear jeans under waders?

When it’s cold outside you’ll need to layer up under your waders, but that doesn’t wearing your jeans or a pair of insulated snow pants. Don’t wear denim or anything cotton. That’s the first rule of winter for any outdoor pursuit, and it’s especially important when you’re trying to transport moisture vapor.

What boots to wear with Stockingfoot waders?

In order to accommodate your neoprene stockingfoot waders, you should look for one size larger than your normal hiking boots (potentially a 1/2 size more if you plan on wearing wading socks or wool socks in the colder months).

What should I look for in fishing waders?

Recommendation on Wader Features

  • The waders must be breathable. …
  • The wader should be a stockingfoot wader, as they are more versatile than a bootfoot wader.
  • Waders should be as light as possible. …
  • Unless you fish in near-freezing or sub-freezing weather frequently, there is no reason to get an insulated wader.
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