You asked: How do fishermen survive during the monsoon season?

During the monsoon period fishermen survive by borrowing from the trader.

How do fishermen survive during monsoon?

Answer: In the monsoon season, fishermen survive by borrowing from the traders.

What do fishermen do during the monsoon period?

Answer. Answer: But with the onset of monsoon, the fishermenhave to stay away from sea voyages due tofrequent weather warnings. Traditionally, mostfishermen spend this time mending their nets, fixing and oiling their boats, repairing their homes and tending to jobs they often ignoreduring the other months.

What are the problems faced by fishermen during the monsoon season?

Throughout the west coast the major problem for fishermen during the monsoon is loss of fishing days due bad weather. There is no alternate employment opportunity during this period. Hence it is essential to find out alternate employment potential.

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Why are fishermen not so happy about monsoon?

Many fisher folks (fishermen) are not happy about monsoons because these weather phenomenon frequently bring with them heavy rainfall that may result to floods, which in turn contribute to the difficulty of catching fish. … Monsoons prevent fishermen from venturing out into the water to fish for example.

Why do fishermen go far into the sea?

They go far into the sea to get a better catch.

Who was thulasi Class 6?

Thulasi is a labourer who works on Ramalingam’s land. Apart from working on the land, she does all the tasks at home. She cooks food for her family, clean the house and wash clothes. She goes to the nearby forest to collect firewood and she fetches water from borewell which is about one kilometre away.

When there is storm in sea fisherman repairs his net?

Rajesh Sawhney on Twitter: “Message to Founders “When fishermen cannot go to sea, they repair their nets.” — Nabil Sabio”

Why do farmers welcome the monsoons?

hi this is my answer lang naman Farmers welcome monsoon because it will have good rains that will water the crops and they will have a good harvest from their crops.

During which season fishermen are out of work?

Monsoon season is putting fishermen out of work. In the winter season the fishermen do not catch fishes. Because, – The fishes are cold blooded species and they cannot tolerate highly cold environment.

Why does the monsoon season prove difficulty for fishing in the deep sea?

Simply because it helps in the conservation and better management of fish resources. The main objective of this ‘seasonal’ ban on fishing is to protect fish wealth while commercially important species breed.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the monsoon type of climate?

a) A good rainfall often leads to a bumper agricultural produce. b) There are several countries which do not have adequate irrigation system. These summer rainfalls helps in storing water in reservoirs which is critical for irrigation,power generation and drinking throughout the year.

What monsoon means?

1 : a periodic wind especially in the Indian Ocean and southern Asia. 2 : the season of the southwest monsoon in India and adjacent areas that is characterized by very heavy rainfall. 3 : rainfall that is associated with the monsoon.

What are the effects of monsoons?

Because regions with a monsoon climate have distinctly wet and dry seasons, they are prone to floods and droughts, both of which are hazardous to health. During summer monsoons, heavy rainfall can cause flooding.

Why do energy providers appreciate the monsoon?

Answer. Because monsoons increases wind speed which helps them turn mechanical energy brought by the wind from monsoon into electrical energy.

What is Habagat and Amihan?

In the Philippines, Amihan and Habagat refer to the two kinds of winds and seasons that occur in the country every year. Amihan is known as the Northeast monsoon while Habagat is known as the Southwest monsoon. … At some periods, the two monsoons switch several times before settling into a pattern for the season.

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