You asked: What does Travis do in fish in a tree?

What is Travis like in fish in a tree?

Travis is Ally’s big brother. He’s in high school, though Ally never shares what grade. School has never been Travis’s thing; the novel implies that, like Ally, Travis is dyslexic.

What did Travis get ally at the pawn shop in fish in a tree?

Him and Ally go to the pawn shop to buy some coins Travis was going to get tricked into buying a coin that was supposed to be a manufacturing disorder but it was actually a coin dipped in nitrogen Travis used this to his advantage and bought a coin for Ally that was made on the day that there grandpa was born i think …

Who bullies ally in fish in a tree?

159) Toward the end of the book, Shay’s friends realize they don’t like being mean to Ally so they befriend her. The main theme of the story is friendship because when Ally and Albert are being bullied by Shay, Keisha stands up for them.

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What does Keisha do in fish in a tree?

Keisha is a new girl at school with whom Ally becomes very close. She’s the only black girl and is extremely confident in herself and her abilities. This causes her to challenge Shay regularly and stand up for others, something that Ally admires greatly. She and Ally start to become friends after Mr.

What point of view is fish in a tree?

The novel is written from the first person point of view of narrator and protagonist Ally Nickerson.

Does ally Nickerson have dyslexia?

Fish in a Tree is very much a school story, focusing on the new teacher Mr. … My main character, Ally Nickerson, struggles in school and is ultimately diagnosed with dyslexia.

How does ally help Keisha at the concert?

How does Ally help Keisha at the holiday chorus concert? Ally gives her half of her bouquet of flowers. Ally tells the music teacher Keisha didn’t do it on purpose.

Why does Albert call himself the elephant?

In Fish in a Tree why did Albert call himself the elephant? He had to develop thick skin because of all the mean comments from his classmates.

What did Albert tell ally and Keisha when they were at his house?

What did Albert tell Keisha and Ally when they were at his house? He likes to watch Star Trek. His refrigerator hadn’t been plugged in for a week.

What is the secret code in fish in a tree?

The original code is: Ju jt nvdi ibsefs up sfbe xifo zpv epow ibwf vif dpef. It is much harder to read when you don’t have the code.

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What grade level is fish in a tree?

Fish in a Tree

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 2 – 8 48814

Why did Albert stand up to the bullies in fish in a tree?

He wants to be a scientist when he grows up, and when it comes out that Ally has dyslexia and Albert learns how many great scientists have had dyslexia as well, he confides in Ally that he almost wishes he had it too. Albert finally stands up to the bullies when they try to pick on Ally and Keisha.

Who is Max in fish in a tree?

A popular and sporty boy in Ally’s class. He loves parties and wants to throw one at school at every opportunity. Though he hangs out with Shay, Jessica, and the other popular girls, Ally implies that Max is nicer than they are and doesn’t bully people.

How would you describe Shay from a fish in a tree?

Shay is the class bully. She’s wealthy and is always surrounded by Jessica and a number of other girls whom Ally just refers to as Shay’s followers. All of these girls wear friendship bracelets, which Ally is jealous of and sees as proof that they all care about each other.

What happened in chapter 13 of fish in a tree?

Muldoon rips the flowers away from Keisha, accuses her of being disrespectful, and says Keisha will be the only girl without flowers. Shay snidely says that people get what they deserve, and Ally hears Keisha sniff. She watches a mind movie of Mom’s sad face if Ally were the only girl without flowers.

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