You asked: What fish are in the Metolius River?

Fish Species Present: Rainbow trout, bull trout, brown trout, brook trout, kokanee, and mountain whitefish are through out the Metolius River system.

Where can I fish on the Metolius River?

Fishing the Metolius River

  • Open all year below Allingham Bridge.
  • Open May 22 – Oct 31 above Allingham Bridge.
  • Catch-and-release for trout.
  • Fly fishing only, barbless hooks required upstream of Bridge 99.
  • All tributaries are closed with the exception of Lake Creek. ( Lake Creek is managed under Central Zone Regulations)

Is the Metolius River open for fishing?

The Metolius is open to fly fishing year ’round. We’ve had amazing sessions out there in the dead of winter, casting #16 BWO dries for Redbands casually tipping up to eat. The bull trout migrate up from Lake Billy Chinook in the fall, eating the stray Kokanee, and then settle in for the winter.

How cold is the Metolius River?

Emerging at an elevation of exactly 3,000 feet from the Metolius Springs with a year round temperature of forty-eight degrees, the Metolius flows north in a valley some five miles wide and fifteen miles long.

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Can you float the Metolius River?

They are all a quick and easy walk around. Mile 4: Another low bridge here. However there are stretches of private property long the river, respect any signs along the way. There is also a great view of Mount Jefferson as you float this section of river.

Where is Bridge 99 on the Metolius River?

East Metolius River to Bridge 99 North Trail is a 3.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Camp Sherman, Oregon that features a river and is good for all skill levels.

What is a blue winged olive fly?

A Blue Winged Olive is the common name for a fly that is part of the Baetis fly group. They are mayflies with olive bodies and dark wings.

Where can I fish on the Crooked River?

The river is open year around for fishing, with the best fly fishing an 8 mile stretch between Bowman Dam (Prineville Reservoir) to Mile Marker 8 towards Prineville.

What is a green drake fly?

What is a Green Drake? A western green drake or Drunella Grandis is a large crawling mayfly that can be easily identified for its upright mayfly wings and vibrant green color. They are most often found in size #10-#12 sometimes even an #8 sized fly.

Where can I fish in Fall River Oregon?

Occasionally a holdover rainbow approaches and sometimes exceeds 20 inches with whitefish typically ranging 6 to 12 inches. The most popular access points, include: Fall River Hatchery, Fall River Campground (the river’s only campground), and Forest Route 4360 to a river-crossing called “the tubes”.

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Why is Metolius River Blue?

In the shadows of the canyon, the water is a rich, dark blue, a stream of liquid ink rolling through a forest of burnt-orange ponderosa pines. … The Metolius River seems to celebrate every possible shade of blue during its journey from gushing springs at the base of Black Butte into the dry forests of Central Oregon.

What is the water temperature of the Metolius River?

Because the Metolius is dominated by springs, its average temperature of 48 degrees F. and base flow of 1,460 cubic feet per second remain nearly constant year-round, providing a benefit to both fish and anglers.

Where does the Metolius River End?

Lake Billy Chinook

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