Are Penn surf rods any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Good surf rod. I got the 10 foot 2-6 ounce lure rating. Its a good rod for redfish and sharks. The guides are one piece with no inserts which i like.

Are Penn surf rods good?

The Penn Battalion is an excellent surf rod that is moderately priced yet still packed full of features that will help you tackle those tough surf fishing situations. Penn is a big name in the fishing world, and they’ve been cranking out great products since 1932.

Who makes the best surf rods?

7 Best Surf Fishing Rods for 2021 Reviewed

  1. Breakaway HDX. Best Long Casting Surf Rod. …
  2. Breakaway Omega. Best All-Around Surf Fishing Rod. …
  3. Penn Battalion. Best for Beach Fishing. …
  4. Lamiglas Super Surf. Powerful, Lightweight Surf Rods. …
  5. St. Croix Legend. …
  6. Penn Battle 2 Combo. …
  7. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater.

Who makes Penn rods?

In January 2019, Penn Reels, together with associated companies forming Pure Fishing, was sold by Newell Brands to Sycamore Partners for $1.3 billion.

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What is the best Penn reel for surf fishing?

  • Daiwa BG — Durable Surf Fishing Spinning Reel. …
  • Penn Battle II — Best Spinning Reel For Surf Fishing. …
  • KastKing Sharky III — Strongest Surf Fishing Reel. …
  • Okuma Tundra — Best Entry Level Surf Reel with Rod Combo. …
  • SHIMANO ULTEGRA — Best Surf Casting Reel. …
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance. …
  • Casting Distance and Line Capacity.

What is the best rod for casting long distance?


For most long-distance casting situations, a 10- to 12-footer capable of casting 1 to 8 ounces or more of weight (including sinker and bait) is a good choice. Also consider rod action and power. Action refers to the taper of the rod; the most common ratings are medium, medium-heavy, and heavy.

What is the best surf rod and reel combo?

8 Best Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos For 2021

  1. Penn Battle III Combo. Best Combo for Beginners. …
  2. Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo. Best Surf Casting Rod and Reel Combo. …
  3. Shimano Symetre Spinning Combos. …
  4. Daiwa BG Surf Combo. …
  5. Ugly Stik GX2 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo. …
  6. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos.

Do longer rods cast further?

A rod’s length affects casting distance, accuracy, and hook set leverage. Longer rods (over 7 feet) will cast farther than shorter rods of the same power and action, and shorter (<under 7 feet) rods will be more accurate.

What size surf rod is best?

Surf fishing rods are almost twice as long as freshwater rods, attached with a reel that can hold hundreds of yards of thick fishing line. We recommend a surf rod between 8ft to 10ft in length attached with a 6000 to 8000 series reel, spooled with 25lb to 50lb braided fishing line.

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Is 8 foot rod good for surf fishing?

For targeting fish such as pompano, redfish, sharks and whiting I prefer to put my rod in a rod holder. In those cases I always lean toward a longer pole. However, if you will be casting for bluefish, stripers, spanish mackerel or flounder you will probably want to stay with a rod that is 8-10 feet.

Are Penn rods made in China?

Many of the great reel and rod manufacturers have moved their operations overseas, many to China. … I have newer Penn reels made in China, they look good, but they are not built like the older Penn reels.

Are Penn Reels still made in USA?

Verdict: Are Penn Reels Made in the USA? Penn only makes a few of their reel styles in the U.S. – their Senator and International series being the most popular. … For their American made products, Penn mostly operates out of their Philadelphia plant, which is one of their few remaining U.S. facilities.

Are there any spinning reels made in the USA?

During our research we came across a range of impressive reels made in the USA. Companies like Galvan Fly Reels, Aspen, and Lamson are making incredible reels for both fly fishing and spinning and casting.

What is the best fishing reel for the money?

The 10 Best Fishing Reels You Can Buy

  • Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile.
  • Penn Battle II.
  • Daiwa Exist.
  • Shimano Talica II.
  • Shimano Baitrunner.
  • Pflueger President.
  • Shimano Sahara.
  • Avet HX.

What is the best line for surf fishing?

As we said, braided line is the most popular line for surf fishing. There are a few reasons why surf fishers prefer braided line. Braided line is often stronger than monofilament, as it consists of multiple strands of material braided together.

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What is the best gear ratio for surf fishing?

In general, gear ratios between 5.3:1 and 5.7:1 are the best for surf fishing.

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