Can feeder fish breed?

A good way to supply your predatory fish with live feeder fish is to just breed your own. It’s quite simple, and once you have a large stock of “feeders” it will be almost impossible to run out.

What is the easiest feeder fish to breed?

The Easiest Freshwater Fish to Breed in an Aquarium

  • Platies. Another livebearer, platies are nearly as easy as guppies to breed. …
  • Ameca Splendens. …
  • Convict Cichlids. …
  • Firemouth Cichlids. …
  • Kribensis Cichlids. …
  • Zebra Danios.


Which fish does not lay eggs?

Among aquarium fish, livebearers are nearly all members of the family Poeciliidae and include guppies, mollies, platies and swordtails. The advantages of livebearing to the aquarist are that the newborn juvenile fish are larger than newly-hatched fry, have a lower chance of mortality and are easier to care for.

Why do feeder fish die so quickly?

In time, natural bacteria in the water will balance out these contaminants, but until that balance is achieved, fish may die unexpected. … Quickly changing large quantities of the water will disrupt that chemistry and shock fish, causing death.

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What is the best feeder fish?

Types Of Fish

  • Guppies – These guys are your fastest breeding fish. …
  • Mollies – Mollies are the second-fastest breeding fish on the chart. …
  • Convict Cichlid – Convicts are also a popular fish to use for feeders. …
  • Minnows – Minnows are very popular feeders to by at a store, usually sold as Rosy Reds.

How hard is it to breed feeder fish?

It’s quite simple, and once you have a large stock of “feeders” it will be almost impossible to run out. Set up your 20-gallon tank. Make sure that you have a lot of real and/or plastic plants in the gravel of the tank so that when your parent stock starts to have babies, the young won’t be eaten by the parents.

How much space does a feeder fish need?

In reality, the “feeder fish” are common or comet goldfish and as adults will require a pond to live in comfortably. c.c. For fancies: They don’t grow as large, but need a certain amount of space, 30 gallons for one.

What is the rarest Guppy?

Rare Champions

Guppies from the snakeskin class produce some of the most rare offspring. Fish who carry the snakeskin genetic trait, and show a rosette pattern on the body, are exceptional. A solid blue tail snakeskin would be an example of a rare fish, a matching dorsal and tail color, is rarer still.

Are guppies a good feeder fish?

Feeder Guppies are one of the smallest feeder fish available. They are usually around 0.5-0.75″ at the time of purchase. As livebearers, these fish are easy to breed and may reproduce if males and females are kept together.

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How long do feeder fish live?

As others have said, if you’re talking about the little common or comet goldfish that are commonly sold as “feeders,” they can potentially live 20 years or more—IF they don’t succumb to diseases or toxicity or parasites from the horrific conditions they’re bred and kept in, and IF they’re provided with lots and lots …

What type of fish does Petco sell?

Petco Live Freshwater Fish

  • Cory Catfish often prefer the bottom of the aquarium and are usually natural and effective cleaners. …
  • Betta These fish are popular for their vibrant coloring and graceful fins. …
  • Goldfish Perhaps the most common fish pet, goldfish are often the longest-living freshwater fish.

What’s the difference between feeder fish and goldfish?

Simply put, a feeder fish eats whatever it would normally eat in the wild. For example, a feeder goldfish eats whatever you would normally feed that type of goldfish.

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