Can you fish at night in Big Bear?


How late can you fish at Big Bear Lake?

The best time to fish in Big Bear is just before sunup to mid-morning, early sundown until dark. You must have a California fishing license (unless you are under the age of 16).

Is fishing allowed at Big Bear Lake right now?

Fishing is allowed from a boat or from the shore and there are many beautiful places where you can set up your day camp and fish. … The north shore of the lake has the best spots. During summer the fishing in Big Bear is excellent from before sunup to just before mid-morning.

What time does Big Bear Lake open for fishing?

Recent big catches have been a 22 pound Blue Catfish and a 6 pound Rainbow. 2021 — The East Public Launch Ramp at Big Bear Lake opened starting APRIL 1st from 7:00am-5:00pm. for the most up-to-date information about use of Big Bear Lake.

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Is Big Bear open for fishing?

The Public Launch Ramps are open for all vessels, motorized and non-motorized. Both ramps are located on the North Shore. The East Ramp is close to Stanfield cutoff, near the Discovery Center and the West Ramp is closer to the Big Bear Dam, west of Fawnskin.

Are there sharks in Big Bear Lake?

In one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, swims one of the largest trout species on the planet. Unique to Great Bear, these fish sport metallic green and blue along their back, giving them the appearance of a shark when viewed from the boat. …

Where can I Shore Fish in Big Bear?

There are several spots for fishing in Big Bear Lake CA. During the summer, most shore anglers set up at Stanfield Cutoff, Juniper Point, North Shore Landing, or Gray’s Landing towards the dam. The best time for fishing is from just before sunrise to mid-morning or from early sundown until dark.

Where can you fish for Big Bear?

The best places to fish in Big Bear are, in no particular order:

  • East Ramp.
  • West Ramp.
  • Near the Big Bear Marina.
  • The triangle from Big Bear Marina to the Solar Observatory to Grout Bay.
  • Stanfield Road cutoff from Big Bear Boulevard to North Shore Drive,
  • Along the bike path.
  • Boulder Bay.


Do you need a permit to fish in Big Bear Lake?

Fishing licenses are required for persons 16 years and older and can be purchased ahead of time online from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, or from a Big Bear Lake sporting goods store and supply shop.

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Is Big Bear Lake frozen?

The lake is NOT fully frozen over. Parking along the roads is not permitted when snow removal procedures are in place. Do NOT park along the side of the road unless it is an emergency. Use caution when walking avoid icy areas, do not run and use ice melt when necessary.

Can you fish in Big Bear Lake in the winter?

Winter Fishing Techniques

Hit the lake during the middle of the day, when water temperatures are highest. Rain is a good sign for winter anglers. … Trout, bluegill and other fish common to Big Bear Lake usually group around rocks and cover such as grasses or logs in early winter or on warmer winter days.

Can you swim in Big Bear Lake?

Swimming Rules

In the summer months, swimming is permitted in Big Bear Lake at your own risk! There are NO lifeguards on duty and swimmers must stay within 50 feet of the shore or within 20 feet of a private dock. Swimming within the means of participating in water sports is also permitted with a life vest!

Is Big Bear Open 2021?

10, subject to change based on weather conditions, state/county guidelines, and other extenuating circumstances. BBMR planned operating dates do not include a minimum season duration guarantee. Summit Mining Co.


Bear Mountain Golf Course Hours
Clubhouse Grill Open Daily 10AM-3:30PM

Are Big Bear activities open?

Indoor facilities, attractions, and indoor/outdoor dining are open along with lodging and shopping. We ask everyone to follow state orders and practice social distancing, avoid crowds and please wear a mask when interacting with others.

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How late is Big Bear Open?

Opening and Closing Dates Bear Mountain

Season Opening Closing
18/19 11/16/2018 04/14/2019
17/18 12/08/2017 04/07/2018
16/17 11/25/2016 04/02/2017
15/16 11/13/2015 04/10/2016
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