Can you fish off Bundeena wharf?

If you travel to either Bundeena or Maianbar in the Royal National Park you can try pumping for pink nippers or catching a few poddy mullet for bream, whiting, trevally and flathead that can be caught while fishing off the shore.

Where can I fish in Bundeena?

Fishing spots near Bundeena Bay

  • Shipwrights Bay. New South Wales, Australia. …
  • Botany Bay. New South Wales, Australia. …
  • Kogarah Bay. New South Wales, Australia. …
  • Townsons Bay. New South Wales, Australia. …
  • Kyle Bay. New South Wales, Australia. …
  • Oyster Bay. New South Wales, Australia. …
  • Connels Bay. New South Wales, Australia. …
  • Oatley Bay.

Can you fish in Sylvania Waters?

Sylvania Waters (Figure 1). All waters known as the Sylvania Waters Subdivision in Gwawley Bay is closed to all recreational fishing nets, except the landing net.

Can you fish at Bare Island?

Bare Island

This island is located on the northern side of the bay and is a very popular spot to fish for bream, whiting, luderick, tailor, Australian salmon, bonito, squid, groper and drummer throughout the year. Parking on the weekend can be a bit of a nightmare, but if you get there early you should get a spot.

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Can you fish at Cronulla Beach?

Botany Bay, Port Hacking, Cronulla Beach and surrounding waterways provide a wide range of fishing opportunities from beach or jetty fishing to the more adventurous rock and boat fishing.

Can you fish at Wattamolla?

At Wattamolla Beach, the southern rocks have so many productive places that you can fish but do take care, over the years there have been a number of anglers and non-anglers who have been washed in and drowned there. … You will then need to climb down a few rocks to the lower platform.

How do I get a NSW fishing Licence?

You ​can apply for a recreational fishing licence online. Once you have your licence, you can access it digitally using your mobile phone or tablet device. You’ll need to have a MyServiceNSW Account and the latest version of the Service NSW app.

Where can I fish in gunnamatta Bay?

Gunnamatta Park, Nicholson Parade, Cronulla

Locals say it’s because the fish are attracted to the nets of the baths and the boats moored in the area – provides plenty of fish food.


Location Fish Facilities
Como Pleasure Grounds Whiting Flathead Bream Toilets, carpark, bbqs and picnic shelters & playground

Where can I fish on Botany Bay on a boat?

Molineaux Point, the end of the third runway, the Tugs, Bare Island, Watts Reef, the Hot Water Outlet and the Oil Wharf are all be places to try for kingfish. Many anglers, even those who have fished Botany Bay for years, incorrectly think that Molineaux Point is the only place where you can get kingfish.

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Can you spear fish in Gordons Bay?

You can enjoy many marine activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, boating and fishing. A 500 m underwater nature trail in Gordons Bay takes divers past rocky reefs, sandflats and kelp forests. … You can spearfish, but not in Clovelly Bay, Gordons Bay and surrounding waters (see map).

What fish can you catch at La Perouse?

Fishing Spots in Southern Sydney

  • Browns Rock. Location: La Perouse. Type of fish: Bream, Trevally, Snapper, Tailor, Salmon. …
  • Gymea Baths. Location: Gymea Bay. Type of fish: Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Flounder, Salmon, Bonito, Kingfish. …
  • Grays Point. Location: Grays Point. …
  • Cooks River. Location: Brighton-Le-Sands.


Where can I fish in La Perouse?

Yarra bay for flatties off the sand. After some bigger stuff, salmon, kings etc, head around to Browns rock beside the golf course. You can catch some squid and yakkas there for live bait but it does get busy.

Can you spear octopus in NSW?

Spearfishing is prohibited in freshwater as well as many entrances, coastal lagoons and other tidal waters. All NSW ocean beaches, excluding the last 20m at each end of the beach. Note: Additional spearfishing closures may apply to Marine Protected Areas.

Is gunnamatta Bay closed?

Open: Open all year except during scheduled maintenance.

What time is high tide at Cronulla today?

Tide (FT)

low 3:02am 1ft
high 8:50am 3.8ft
low 2:17pm 1.4ft
high 8:55pm 5.6ft

Where can I fish in Sydney?

Best Fishing Spots in Sydney

  1. Brighton-Le-Sands (Cooks River) …
  2. Manly Dam (Manly Vale) …
  3. Gordon’s Bay and Clovelly Beach (Clovelly) …
  4. Gunnamatta Bay (Port Hacking) …
  5. Gladesville Wharf (Parramatta River) …
  6. Clifton Gardens (Mosman) …
  7. Tom Uglys Bridge (Georges River) …
  8. Beulah Street Wharf (Sydney Harbour)
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