Can you fly fish in Whitefish Montana?

Montana is all about fly fishing. Some of the best fishing in the world surrounds Whitefish in the Flathead Valley and near Glacier National Park.

Where can I fly fish in Whitefish Montana?

The Flathead River, one of the most pristine fishing destinations, runs through Columbia Falls, Montana, minutes from Whitefish, Montana. The Flathead River receives less pressure than other rivers in the state, is full of cold glacial water and has a great diversity of bugs.

How do you fly fish for whitefish?

Cast the rig upstream, giving the fly enough time to sink to the bottom before it drifts past the fish. Watch the float intently. At any hesitation, bump or tug, lift the rod to set the hook. Sometimes there’s nothing on the line, but more often than you’d expect, it’ll be a whitefish.

Can you fish on Whitefish Lake?

Whitefish Lake is located in the north Flathead Valley of northwest Montana. Whitefish is known for its’ ski resorts. However the fishing in the lake is a well kept secret, and fishing is nothing short of awesome. Fishing includes, Lake Trout and occasionally Whitefish and Northern Pike.

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Are there fish in Whitefish River?

The Whitefish River is not destined to become the next destination river for fishing. Fishing on the river is fair at best. The warm, slow moving waters of the river provide adequate fishing opportunities for pike and whitefish. Some cutthroat trout can also be found near the inlet at Whitefish Lake.

What kind of fish are in Whitefish Lake Montana?

However, Whitefish Lake has populations of lake trout that rival that of nearby Flathead Lake, with fish often exceeding twenty pounds. The lake also has sizable numbers of large mountain whitefish. Other fish species include bull trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, yellow perch and northern pike.

Can you fly fish in the ocean?

Yes, you can fly fish any body of water that contains fish, provided you are legally allowed to do so. This includes everything from small streams and big rivers to ponds, lakes, and even the ocean. In fact, the wide array of fly fishing opportunities is often what gives the sport its appeal.

What is the best bait for Whitefish?

White jigging spoons are the most popular bait for catching whitefish, many people use live bait as well. Choose between salmon eggs, wigglers, maggots, and waxworms. Whitefish have small mouths, so you should use small eggs or worms when selecting live bait.

Do whitefish eat maggots?

They are most easily caught using maggots, but to catch the big ones, use a small minnow or meal worm (or half a meal worm). … As for whitefish, I’ve had them sometimes take a maggot, but just as often I’ve had them hit wireworms or flies reeled very slowly to the surface with no bait at all.

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Does Whitefish taste good?

Whitefish is considered one of the best-eating freshwater fish there is. Because the fish lives in icy northern lakes, the meat has a high fat content, making it an excellent candidate for smoking. The mild flavor is more like salmon than trout. The meat is medium-firm with a large flake.


Calories: 134
Omega 3: 1.4 g

Is Whitefish Lake private?

Created by a melted glacier, the lake sits at the base of Whitefish Mountain Resort and is just miles from Glacier National Park. The shoreline of Whitefish Lake is rapidly being developed by private landowners, but a large portion of the area is protected from dense development by the Whitefish Area Trust Land Plan.

Where can I fish for whitefish?

The fish come up in the shallows to spawn. They prefer water flows, rivers (swim upstream) where the bottom is rocky rubble but will also shore spawn on rubble or gravel as well. This usually happens here on Canyon Lake the late part of October and early part of November.

Does Whitefish Montana have a lake?

Whitefish Lake is located northwest of the city of Whitefish, Montana at an elevation of 2,999 feet (914 m). … The lake has approximately 15.9 miles (25.6 km) of shoreline.

Can you fish in Flathead Lake?

Flathead Lake is very popular for pleasure boaters. … The lake itself offers excellent fishing, but not necessarily for fly fishing. The fish species in the lake consist primarily of lake trout, pike, yellow perch and whitefish, with some rainbow trout, bass, kokanee salmon and bull trout also found.

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What kind of fish are in the Flathead River?

The Middle Fork of the Flathead River has excellent fishing with the unique Westslope cutthroat trout (a native fish of the Flathead River System) being the primary fish. The Flathead River is one of the few fisheries for this type of fish. There are also some rainbow trout, lake trout, and whitefish in the rivers.

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