Frequent question: How do you fish for walleye on Table Rock Lake?

Walleye eat a variety of different baits, however, when push comes to shove, it is much easier to catch them with live baits. Minnows, nightcrawlers and leeches are definitely the best live baits for walleye. While most anglers will just use live baits, many anglers will also target walleye with lures as well.

How do you catch walleye on Table Rock Lake?

Walleye typically move up the river arms to spawn around the first part of March and are often caught in the same areas as spawning white bass. Walleye can be caught throughout the year by trolling deep points and channel swings in the main lake.

Are there walleye in Table Rock Lake?

Table Rock covers more than 53,000 acres and 745 miles of shoreline. The lake offers great winter, spring summer and fall fishing with a variety of different lures and techniques. Seasonal Crappie and Walleye can be found, great spring time White Bass runs in the rivers as well as Bluegill and Catfish.

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What is the best bait for walleye?

Minnows are the most popular bait option for walleye anglers, I have found consistent success with shiner and flathead minnows. When targeting bigger fish, shiners in the 4-6″ range are the mainstay, these will weed through some of the smaller fish and get you on 25″+ Walleye.

How do you catch fish on Table Rock Lake?

When the summertime heat is on, night fishing with spinnerbaits and plastic worms is a popular tactic for Table Rock bass. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits and a variety of topwater lures work great for all three species of bass in the fall. Table Rock lake’s winter bass fishing sets it apart from other Midwestern lakes.

Are there leeches in Table Rock Lake?

You certainly don’t have to worry about jellyfish but you might encounter the occasional snakes or leeches. Sometimes, they are only found in deep water, so as long as you are obeying the signs, you will not have to worry about anything.

How do you catch crappie on Table Rock Lake?

Crappie can be caught in a variety of ways, including small jigs, minnows, artificial lures, bobbers or spinnerbaits. When crappie fishing, be sure to maintain a tight line since crappie have a soft lip and can easily shake the hook if the line is too loose.

What is the biggest fish caught in Table Rock Lake?

Paddlefish. Also known as spoonbill because of the shape of the snout, this species has a short season and yields the biggest fish in the lake. The Missouri Department of Conservation certified the state record snagged at Table Rock Lake as weighing in at a whopping 140 pounds, 9 ounces.

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Is Table Rock Lake good fishing?

Table Rock Lake offers Branson Fishing Guide Clients unparalleled scenery and fantastic fishing. While the lake boasts an abundance of bass, crappie, white bass, catfish, and bluegill, Table Rock is acclaimed as one of the best bass fishing lakes in this hemisphere.

Where is the best fishing on Table Rock Lake?

Branson remains a strong contender for the best place to start your bank fishing trip, as well as the small town of West Branson, located…well, west of Branson! This location provides access to Aunts Creek, located along the James River arm of the lake, which is a particularly productive shore fishing spot.

What colors do walleye see best?

Scientists tell us walleyes should see red, orange, and yellow the best, followed by green. Theory also suggests walleyes see blue and violet less well, and these colors may even appear black.

What time is best to catch walleye?

Generally, the best time to fish for Walleye is early morning and late evening. When the sun is high at midday, Walleye move deeper and hold tightly to shade providing Cover. During periods of low light however, Walleye will move in shallow to feed on baitfish holding close to shore.

What pound test line should I use for walleye?

If you’re a beginner and not sure about all these details yet, the ideal pound test line to choose for walleye is 4 lb fluorocarbon. That’s light enough to fool many of the finicky biters, yet still strong enough to handle the majority of fish you can expect to hook.

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Is Table Rock Lake dangerous?

Casaletto said that, as in the past, Table Rock Lake’s waters are ready for both locals and visitors alike to enjoy during 2016. The most recent testing shows that it is safe and clean for swimming, boating, fishing, and other water related activities that Branson’s millions of visitors might want to do.

What kind of fish can you catch on Table Rock Lake?

Table Rock Lake contains several species of Game and Pan Fish including: Dominant Species: Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass, White Crappie, Bluegill, Long Ear sunfish, Channel Catfish and Flat Head Catfish. Secondary Species: White Bass, Bullhead, Carp, and Black Crappie.

How do you catch catfish at Table Rock Lake?

Fish the Thermocline

In the heat of the summer, the thermocline will set the floor for you. Catfish will often be found suspended over deeper water right along the thermocline. Consider this thermocline the bottom and get your baits as close to it as you can.

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