How do I get better at surf fishing?

The most effective surf anglers are the ones who put in the time. Show up early, fish the prime tides,and always keep a line in the water. The ocean is a big place and the longer your bait or lure is fishing, the better your odds of catching a trophy.

What is the best bait to use for surf fishing?

  • Shrimp. Shrimp are one of the most popular baits for surf fishing and are eaten by almost all species of fish. …
  • Bait Fish. One of the best baits out there is of course baitfish. …
  • Clams. Clams are an excellent bait for surf fishing and for catching striped bass in particular. …
  • Squid. …
  • Crabs. …
  • Worms.

What time of day is best for surf fishing?

Generally, the best time of the day to surf fish is two hours before and after dusk and from dawn to 10 AM. Time also covers the day, weather situation, time of the year, phase of the moon, and tidal movements.

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How do you get bait out further surf fishing?

Balloon – Using a balloon is probably one of the easiest ways to get your bait out away from structure. You simply float your bait in the direction of the current or the wind (which ever is stronger).

Is Surf fishing hard?

Surf fishing is an easy fishing method to learn, with your tactics changing depending on factors such as location, seasons, tides, weather conditions, and the type of fish you’re hoping to get on your line; but, just starting out there are simple basics that will get you started off on the right track.

Can you surf fish during the day?

Surf fishing is more productive when you do it at the right time of the day. Fish are extremely cautious creatures. They will only approach the shoreline when their nature and conditioning allow them to do so, and they will only strike your bait when they feel safe and protected to feed nearshore.

What is the best pound test line for surf fishing?

What is the Optimal Pound Test for Surf Fishing ?

  • As a general rule, the best pound test for surf fishing ranges between 15 and 20 lbs when using monofilament, and between 30 and 40 lbs when using braided lines.
  • The rule here is simple: the larger the fish you are chasing, the more pound test you need.


What is a good length for a surf rod?

Surf Rod Length

Rod sizes will range from 7 to 15 feet. 7 – 9 feet will be great for fan casting in the surf to catch small to medium size fish, rays, and sharks. 9 – 12 feet will work for pretty much all surf fishing conditions from fan casting, jetties, and even throwing out the long cast.

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Is Surf fishing better at night?

Yes, surf fishing is good at night for the following reasons: Surf fishing during the night can make it easier to catch fish. Not many people in the water, the fish are more willing to come closer to shore, and you’ll have the chance to find the bigger fish that generally stay further out in the water during the day.

Is Surf fishing better at high tide?

Yes, fishing at high tide is better, but you do not want to fish when the water level is at its peak. … Therefore, the best time for surf fishing is when the tide is high and also when the water is moving, and that occurs one hour or so before and after high tide.

Can you catch fish in rough surf?

Absolutely! You will be able to catch a lot of fish in a rough surf because choppy surf conditions provide fish with more favorable conditions to leave the shelter, approach the shoreline, and feed within your casting range, making it an ideal time to pack your gear and go fishing.

How far should you cast When surf fishing?

Most of the anglers will try to cast as far as they can pass the breakers, but that is not always necessarily true. You can successfully fish from the beach while casting much, much closer. The usual casting distance varies from 20 to 100 yards. And some people can get over way more than a hundred yards with ease.

Can you fish with balloons?

Balloon fishing allows you to “float” baits out to different areas and cover more water. They have a much larger surface area than other bobbers and catch more wind, allowing it to drift further and faster. This allows shore anglers to fish in a manner similar to drift fishing from a boat.

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