How do you control fish in rdr2?

Once the fish has completely bitten the hook, press R2/RT straight away. When the controller isn’t vibrating and the fish isn’t trying to get away, reel it in by rotating the right analogue stick. If it begins to vibrate, stop straight away and control the fish with the left analogue, moving it left or right.

How do you reel in big fish in rdr2?

You reel in by rotating the right stick counter clockwise. You’ll want to reel in as fast as possible when the fish grows tired, while also being mindful of how much line you have out, how taut the line is, and where the fish is in the water.

What do you do with large fish rdr2?

All you can do is sell it. It’s always baffled me that you can’t break it down for several fillets. Big fish are just something fun to catch, not even worth the money really imo.

Where is the biggest fish in RDR2?

The biggest fish in RDR2 is the Channel Catfish, weighing in at 180+ lbs. To catch him, you’ll need to complete some steps — you must complete most of the ‘A Fisher of Fish’ stranger mission. To unlock the legendary fishing map, travel to the northeast shore of Flat Iron Lake.

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How many large fish can you carry in RDR2?

Your horse can carry only one big fish. There is no point in catching a few larger specimens and then pile them up.

Can you break down large fish RDO?

You can’t break down large fish. You can only stow them on the horse and sell it.

Can you cook big fish in RDR2?

The Large Fish’s are too big to be in your satchel, so unfortunately you’re gonna have to sell it to a butcher to get anything out of it. … If your carrying the fish in your arms you can select to cook it.

How many legendary fish can you catch as Arthur?

Catch all 13 Legendary Fish.

What fish sells for the most in rdr2 online?

Fishing is a great way to make money in Read Dead Online, Here are the most valuable fish in the game.

Red Dead Online: Every Fish In The Game (& How Much They Sell For)

  1. 1 Nortern Pike ($5.00)
  2. 2 Muskie ($5.00) …
  3. 3 Steelhead Trout ($4.25) …
  4. 4 Sockeye Salmon ($4.25) …
  5. 5 Lake Sturgeon ($4.00) …


What lure do I need for legendary fish?

To catch Legendary Fish, you need to buy the three different lures.

  • Special Lake Lure.
  • Special River Lure.
  • Special Swamp Lure.


Are there sharks in RDR2?

Hammerhead Shark and Tiger Shark in Guarma in RDR2

There are 13 animals (including sharks) that you can see in Guarma (10 are collectable) I compendium. Next, follow the videos below to see Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Green Turtle, and other animals on Guarma that you can collect.

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What is the rarest animal in RDR2?

RDR2’s Carolina Parakeet is a small, green-and yellow-colored bird that only spawns in Lemoyne. Its small size and color make it extremely difficult to spot among the swampy foliage, which makes it notoriously elusive. Parakeets are one of the hardest animals to hunt because of how easy they are to startle.

What is the heaviest fish ever caught?

According to IGFA records, the largest fish ever caught was a great white shark that weighed an unbelievable 2,664 pounds (1,208.389 kg.). Caught off the coast of Ceduna, Australia, in 1959, it took angler Alfred Dean just 50 minutes to win the fight against this one-ton shark.

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