How do you get a gold fishing rod in Toontown?

The Gold Rod is a type of fishing rod. It can be purchased in Clarabelle’s Cattlelog for 2,000 jellybeans or 2,400 jellybeans if on backorder. Five jellybeans are required as bait in order to fish.

How do you get a gold rod?

To obtain the Golden Fishing Rod, you will need to catch and complete the Fish section of the Critterpedia. In total, there are 80 Fish to be caught in the game. Once you have caught every Fish – donating is not required – you will receive a DIY Recipe in the mail.

How do you get a fishing rod in Toontown?


Can anyone help? You’ll get a new catalog every week and the first time you’ll be able to order a new rod is in the 5th catalog I believe. New fishing rods come in every 4th cattlelog.

How long does it take to get a fishing rod on Toontown?

Fishing rods take 24 hours to be delivered.

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Does the golden fishing rod break?

Can Golden Tools Still Break in New Horizons? Even though Golden Tools may be the highest level of tools you can craft in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they can still break eventually with enough use like all other tools in the game. Of course, they do last longer than other lower-tier tools, so keep that in mind.

Does the colorful fishing rod break?

Casting your line and not catching anything does take down the durability. And your rod won’t break during the Fishing Tourney. … The Colorful, Fish, and Outdoorsy Fishing Rods available from the upgraded Nook’s Cranny have similar durability.

What is the best fishing rod in Toontown?

The highest tier fishing rod: the Gold Rod. A fishing rod is a device that is used to catch fish when stepping onto a dock near a pond to begin fishing. A Toon will always start with the lowest tier rod, the Twig Rod.

What is the best doodle in Toontown?

The best doodles will be found in Donald’s Dreamland, whereas the worst are found in Toontown Central. I highly recommend saving up your jellybeans to buy a doodle in Donald’s Dreamland. Donald’s Dreamland doodles are the easiest doodles to train, and they will make your training smooth and relatively quick.

Can you switch rods in Toontown?

You can’t go back to a previous rod, but you’re not locked out of any species by upgrading. Upgrading a rod just increases the max weight of a fish you can catch, so anything you could catch with a bamboo rod, you can catch with a steel rod.

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How long does it take for a package to arrive in Toontown?

A new series typically arrives about every three months.

How many fish can you catch with bamboo rod?

The earliest Cattlelog issue it can appear in is Series 1, #4, but it will continue to appear in future issues until it is purchased. It requires two jellybeans per cast and can catch fish up to 8 pounds in weight.

What is the rarest fish in Toontown?

Fish species

Fish species Rarity Best location(s)
Holey Mackerel Extremely Rare (9) Estate

Where can I sell fish in Toontown?

A fisherman is an NPC Toon who is in charge of selling Toons’ fish to Toontown’s Pet Shops. Each playground and their streets have a fisherman, except for Goofy Speedway.

Where can I find big fish in Toontown?

Big Fish is the seventh Cog on the Boardbot Corporate Ladder. They can be found from levels 7-15.

Big fishing