How do you shark fish from shore in Florida?

How do you catch sharks from shore in Florida?

Florida State Gear Requirements for Shark Fishing

  1. Use a single hook and traditional fishing line (and wire leaders) only. …
  2. Hooks which are not offset and not made of stainless steel (which don’t rust quickly) are to be used when using live or dead bait from the shore or a boat.


Can you shark fish from the beach in Florida?

Many species of sharks are prohibited from harvest, possession, or landing in Florida waters. Prohibited shark species must remain in the water with the gills submerged when fishing from shore or from a vessel. Prohibited shark species must be released without delay when fishing from the shore.

What is the best bait for shark fishing from the surf?

Bait is king. Typically, the best baits for sharks are whatever oily and bloody fish is prevalent in the area where you are targeting them. Some examples are jacks, stingrays, bonita, mackerel, and ladyfish. That’s not to say other baits won’t work, because they will.

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What is the best shark bait Florida?

Best Baits

Options for larger sharks include chunks of bonito, mackerel, mullet, barracuda or large menhaden (aka shad). For the sporty little guys of 2 to 3 feet, cut pilchards, threadfin herring and live shrimp do the trick.

Can you keep a shark if you catch it in Florida?

Shore-based fishing includes beaches, fishing piers, jetties and bridges. In Florida, it’s illegal to land and possess protected sharks like lemon, tiger, white, hammerheads and 22 other species.

Is it illegal to catch stingrays in Florida?

Stingray are not a regulated species so you are free to catch them for bait or food using a hook and line or a castnet.

Where is the best shark fishing in Florida?

You’ve come to the right place for the best Shark fishing charter in Florida. Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater are collectively known as the Tampa Bay Area and are home to an abundant population of many shark species in and around Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

What size shark can you keep?

Answer: (C) The minimum size for most sharks that can be kept recreationally is 54 inches fork length. This includes blacktip, bull, lemon, nurse, spinner, tiger, blacknose, finetooth, blue, oceanic whitetip, porbeagle, shortfin mako, and common thresher sharks.

What bait is best for sharks?

The best bait for shark fishing is any fresh local fish that is bloody and oily. Top examples would be bluefish, menhaden, sardines, spot, mullet, jacks, and mackerel.

What gear do you use for shark fishing?

Shark Fishing Gear for Beach Anglers

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Use a 7 to 10-foot heavy-duty, fast-action saltwater fishing rod or surf rod with plenty of backbone. Use a heavy conventional saltwater star-drag reel with a very high line capacity (5200/100-pound braid) and low gear ratio.

How do you catch sharks on the beach at night?

One of the best ways to get really fresh bait for surf fishing for sharks at night is to spend an hour or so at dusk catching a few forage fish such as bluefish, whiting, and menhaden for the live well. These fish can then be used directly afterward as bait for shark fishing once the sun goes down.

What to do if you hook a shark?

Removing the Hook

  1. Remove the hook as soon as possible following landing of the shark.
  2. Using pliers, remove the hook by backing it out the way it went in.
  3. If the hook is difficult to remove: …
  4. If the fish is hooked deeply, cut the leader as close to the hook as possible.

What is the best time to catch sharks?

Fishing between 4pm to 9am is a great idea, because it’s during this period that all of the sharks will be swimming in the sea around your island; only the Whale shark and Suckerfish are available throughout the entire day.

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