How do you use the fishing rod in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

To use the rod and fish, face any body of water and press X on your controller. You’ll need to leave the reel there.

Where is the fishing rod in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

on the ground outside your house, he has been robbed and is starving. He will ask you to give him something to eat. And to repay you for the favor he will give you a Fishing Rod.

How do you get a fishing rod on harvest moon?

The Fishing rod is a type of tool in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature. To get the Fishing rod you will need to talk to Greg between 7-10 AM or PM (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) on the pier on Mineral Beach. You can catch fish with this and randomly fish up power berries or a cooking recipe.

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How do you catch multiple fish light of hope?

When you’re standing near a body of water, press the Action Button and you will be prompted to select what bait to use. Fishing with no bait is possible, but using it will allow you to catch fish more quickly, and higher quality bait will allow you to catch a bigger variety of fish.

How do you win the fishing contest in light of hope?

The object of the contest is to earn the most points by catching fish, with bigger fish being worth more points. Taking any kind of bait with you is strongly advised since fish will bite more quickly, allowing you to catch more fish within the time limit and thus earn more points.

How do you get money fast in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Get money as fast as possible in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is very important.

How to Get More Money Fast in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

  1. Pick up all nature’s bounty in the Spring. …
  2. Complete the request from the villagers (optional) …
  3. Mining and sell some gems.

How do you get tulips in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

You can get Tulip Seeds from Carol’s Flowers, so buy and plant a few of those if you haven’t already. You can also find Tulips in the mountains and sometimes in the Lighthouse Outlook by foraging the big fluffy flowers, so check every day for those as well.

Who is Cyril Harvest Moon?

Cyril is a bachelor in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. The son of aristocrat, Cyril acts a bit helpless, but is actually kind-hearted, and Ignorant.

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Where do you get the fishing rod in Harvest Moon Boy and Girl?

dont forget to empty a space at your rucksack(tools side).. talk to him and he’ll gives you the fishing rod..if you wanna get a fishing pole, your fish pond must have 50 fish inside and tommorow, he come and admire about your collection.. talk to him and he’ll give you a fishing pole..

How do you break the rocks in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Harvest Moon Light of Hope is players’ chance to return to the wonderful gameplay that comes along with the long-running series. As such, seasoned veterans know that the only way to get stone is to break the rocks around town, and the only way to do that is with a hammer.

What does Dean like in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Dean helps his mother Carol run the local flower shop, and not only does he love flowers, but he is well versed in the language of flowers as well. Like his mother, Dean used to be a bit frail and sickly when he was younger, until he started going on hikes with his father and became stronger.

How do you start fishing in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Once a fish bites down so hard that you see an exclamation (and only then) can you press X and start mashing the button to reel it in and catch it. That’s all there is to fishing in the game!

How do you get hardwood in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Hi Lisana, for hardwood lumber you need to upgrade the axe. Then simply chop the more fluffy looking trees that you couldn’t before!

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How do you cook in Light of Hope?

How to Cook in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. If you want to cook, you can use a stove in your house. Simply move the cursor or your character to the stove, and then click or press the (X) button. The food choices will appear and the ingredients needed to make it.

How do you make compost in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

In order to get compost, you’ll first need to fix up your coop or barn on your farm. After doing this, you’ll then be able to get livestock on your farm. Pretty much any animals you have on your farm will poop, and upon getting your first animal in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, Sofie will have given you a pitchfork.

How do you get married in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

To get married in the game, you’ve to raise your friendship with your chosen candidate, upgrade your house, obtain a Blue Feather, and then craft your wedding clothes.

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