Is Tenkara fishing hard?

Tenkara isn’t nearly as difficult to pick up as more traditional fly fishing with a rod, but you’ll expedite your learning process by getting a few hours of coaching on a river. After that, you can pretty much pick things up on your own with a little perseverance. Get out and practice fly fishing as much as possible.

Is Tenkara fishing easy?

Tenkara rods are appealing to many anglers because they require minimal equipment, don’t have a reel and are easy to transport, especially when hiking and backpacking.

Is Tenkara good for beginners?

It’s Perfect For Beginners

Not only is it cheaper than kitting yourself out with traditional fly gear, but it also has a smaller learning curve. We all know that mastering your cast is no mean feat. But when you’re fishing tenkara-style, you can get the hang of it and catch fish right from day one.

Is Tenkara easier than fly fishing?

Simplicity can also mean that you have to rely more on technique than on gear. In fact, it could be argued that tenkara is more difficult than western fly fishing. Landing a fish is certainly different without the ability to reel it in. … It’s true that many beginners find tenkara to be easier at first.

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Are Tenkara rods worth it?

Even dry flies can be comfortably cast at distances approaching thirty-five feet. All of it can be done with either a fly rod or a Tenkara rod. To me, the extra length of a Tenkara rod is the only significant advantage for fishing a tightline method, and it’s not worth the trade off.

How old is Tenkara?

Origins. Tenkara fishing originated in Japan more than 400 years ago and originated with professional fishermen in the mountain streams of Japan who found it an effective method of catching the local fish, yamame, iwana and amago.

How far can you cast with a Tenkara Rod?

Normally, with a tenkara, you’re fishing with at most 15-20 feet of line, and you’re relatively limited by how far you can cast. But because the Ito is so long, you can reach far across streams that might be 15 yards across. At only 4 ounces in weight, the rod is lively, and light, especially at the 13-foot length.

Can you use regular flies with Tenkara?

Most have straight hackles, just as our dry flies do. They are fished wet, but their hackles are not swept forward or swept back. Also, just to be clear – you don’t have to use “tenkara flies” with a tenkara rod. You can use the flies you’ve used successfully for years.

Can you Tenkara fish in a lake?

Tenkara is an ideal style for surgically fishing the diverse structures of small streams. … But you might be wondering how a fixed-line rod with limited casting distance could possibly be used in lake fishing. After all, lakes are much bigger than small streams and there’s much more water to cover.

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What do I need for Tenkara?

But if you’re just breaking into tenkara, you probably want to start with just one rod.

  1. Tenkara Fly Rods.
  2. Tenkara lines.
  3. Tippet for Tenkara.
  4. Tenkara Flies and Fly Box.
  5. Some short and long hemostats.
  6. Tenkara USA Net.
  7. Tenkara Bum Line Spool.
  8. Fly Floatant.


Do Tenkara flies float?

While there are many different types of tenkara flies, there are three styles that are the most popular and the most iconic of tenkara fishing. One is a dry fly (a fly that floats) one is a wet fly (a fly that sinks) and one is all purpose (a fly that can either sink or float depending on how you fish it.

How do you land a fish with a Tenkara Rod?

Landing fish with tenkara

A fish is pulling one way, you just pull it the other way toward you.

What is the best Tenkara Rod?

Top 5 Best Tenkara Rods For Beginners

  • Choosing A Beginner Tenkara Rod.
  • Dragontail Shadowfire.
  • Tenkara USA Sato.
  • Wild Water Tenkara Starter Pack.
  • Wild Water Fly Fishing 12′ Tenkara Fly Rod Complete Combo Starter Package with Tenkara Flies (Misc.)
  • Tenkara USA Iwana.
  • Tenkara USA Iwana tenkara Rod (12′) (Misc.)
  • Dragontail Talon.


Can you Euro nymph with a Tenkara Rod?

We’re here to talk about tenkara rods—another style of rod that I feel is perfect for Euro-nymphing. Although designed to cast furled leaders or tenkara level lines and small, light flies, the soft tips found on tenkara rods are ideal for casting Euro-nymphing leaders.

Where are Tenkara USA rods made?

I am very proud that our tenkara rods are made in China.

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