Is there a fishing season in Massachusetts?

Species All other rivers and brooks
Open season (all dates inclusive) Apr. 1 – Sept. 10, 2021 Sept. 11 – Mar. 31, 2022
Number of fish you can keep per day (daily creel limit) 8 3
minimum length1

Is it illegal to fish with corn in Massachusetts?

Fishing allowed with artificial lures only. The use of natural or artificial baits such as worms, shiners or other live bait, cheese, corn, or salmon or other fish eggs is prohibited.

Can you fish in Massachusetts without a license?

Before you cast your line, you need to get a fishing license if you’re age 15 or older. If you are 15 years of age or older, you need a license to fish. Licenses are FREE for Massachusetts residents 15-17 years of age, and those 70 and over.

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What saltwater fish are in season in Massachusetts?

Recreational finfish regulations

Species Note Season
Black sea bass (2, 6) May 18 – Sep 8
Bluefish All Year
Cod* (North of Cape Cod) (3, 4) April 1 – April 14 Sep 15 – Sep 30
Cod (South of Cape Cod) (3, 4) All Year

Do you need a fishing license to fish in the ocean in Massachusetts?

All anglers are required to have a MA saltwater fishing permit, except; Anglers under 16. Anglers fishing on permitted for-hire vessels (for example, head boats and/or chartered boats) … Non-residents with a valid CT, NH, or RI recreational saltwater fishing permit.

Can you fish at night in Massachusetts?

Many fish were 7, 8 and 9 lbs LM. This was in MA, but the top water night fishing works everywhere. Some things that worked for me; The darker the night the better, I could get fish on a full moon, but I always did better when it wasn’t.

Does corn kill trout?

Trout can digest canned corn if the water temperatures are high enough. When temperatures are in the mid-40’s and lower they seem to have a more difficult time digesting corn. With temps in the mid-50’s and up it is easier for trout to digest corn. From the mid-40’s to the mid-50’s it can go either way.

What is the fine for fishing without a license in MA?

… shall be punished by a fine of not less than fifty nor more than one hundred dollars, or by imprisonment for not more than thirty days, or both such fine and imprisonment. Section 90 of Chapter 131 provides for an additional penalty of $5 for each fish illegally taken, and $2,000 if it’s an endangered specie.

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How much does a Massachusetts fishing license cost?


Freshwater Fishing Price
Resident Freshwater Fishing* $22.50
Resident Freshwater Fishing (3-day)* $7.50
Non-resident Freshwater Fishing* $32.50
Non-resident Freshwater Fishing (3-day)* $18.50

How much is a fishing license at Walmart in Massachusetts?


Name Fee Unit
Non-resident freshwater fishing license $37.50 each
Non-resident freshwater fishing (3 day) license $23.50 each
Non-resident freshwater fishing (age 15–17) license $11.50 each
Saltwater fishing permit (anglers under 60) $10 per person

What are the top 5 fish sold in Massachusetts?

Commonly Caught Species

  • Striped Bass. Striped bass is our most sought-after species, providing great sport through catch and release fishing and great eating when you catch a “keeper”. …
  • Black Sea Bass. …
  • Tautog. …
  • Bluefish. …
  • Scup. …
  • Weakfish (Squeteague) …
  • Winter Flounder. …
  • Mackerel.

What is the most prized fish to catch?

Whether it’s for their culinary value or the challenge of catching them, these are some of the most sought-after fish out there.

  • Blue Marlin. Blue marlin have long been the favorite saltwater game fish for offshore anglers. …
  • Sailfish. …
  • Bluefin Tuna. …
  • Yellowfin Tuna. …
  • Roosterfish. …
  • Dorado. …
  • Tarpon. …
  • Giant Trevally.

Where can I fish for saltwater in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has many fishing locations, both salt- and fresh-water

  • Salisbury Beach State Reservation. Beach Road, Route 1A Salisbury, MA, 01952 Phone: 508-462-4481. …
  • Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, Wasque Reservation, East Beach. …
  • Cochituate State Park. …
  • D.A.R.

How much is a lifetime fishing license in Massachusetts?

Annual Fishing License Price: $15. Lifetime Fishing License Price: $435.

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Do you need a fishing license on private property in Massachusetts?

You won’t need your own. If you’re a resident of, and have recreational saltwater fishing permit from, a state that has a reciprocity agreement with Massachusetts, that permit will cover you while fishing in Massachusetts marine waters.

How long is a fishing license good for in Massachusetts?

A $1.85 processing fee applies to freshwater licenses obtained through the DMF website, Information on the regulations governing recreational fishing in Massachusetts can also be found on the DFW website. Licenses expire each year on Dec. 31.

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