Question: Where do you put the split shot in fly fishing?

Where does the split shot go on a fly line?

Where To Place Your Split Shot when Fly Fishing. You can place your split shot on either moving water (rivers and streams) or still water. However, you will notice that you have to make adjustments to your leader to help you get the best results.
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Where do you put the weights on a fly line?

Alternatively you can keep the weight on top but just add it closer to the fly. I add the weight 4 to 6 inches above the fly in riffles and pocketwater where there’s a significant difference in current speeds between the surface and the bottom.

Does split shot weaken line?

According to Gremlin, split shot will not weaken your line because it’s made from soft lead.

What are split shots used for in fishing?

The Split Shot Rig is a simple rig that will help you cast your bait out farther and keep your bait down low. This is a simple yet very effective rig to use in any fishing scenario.

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What are the sizes of split shot?


Size Grams Qty-23g pack
AAA 0.81 30-50
AB 0.60 50-60
BB 0.40 65-75
#1 0.28 75-85

How far should split shot be from Hook?

Apply the shot about 1 to 2 feet up the line from the hook. Put on just enough weight to get your offering to the bottom or close to it in a slow decent. As a rule of thumb I put on enough weight to get my bait to the bottom in 30 seconds. If it does not get there in that time frame add another split shot.

What size split shot should I use for trout fishing?

When it comes to split shot, I like the ones with the ears to make them easily removeable, in sizes 7 (1/16oz), 4 (1/8oz) and 2 (1/4oz). Personally, I find a single larger split shot a lot easier to cast with a fly rod than a string of little ones.

How do you rig a hook for trout?

First, rig a slip sinker and slide the eye of a slip sinker on the end of your fishing line. Next, tie a swivel to the end of the line to prevent losing the sinker. On the opposite end of the swivel, attach a 12-18″ piece of fishing line and attach your hook.

How much weight should I put on my fly line?

Putting Together a Balanced Fly Fishing System February 16, 2015 – Posted in: Basics, How-To

Species Line Leader/Tippet
Bass Weight: 7/8/9 Taper: WF 8 lb – 12 lb
Pike Weight: 8/9/10 Taper: WF 8 lb – 20 lb with wire bite guard
Salmon Weight: 8/9/10 Tapers: WF, DT, ST 8 lb – 16 lb
Steelhead Weight: 7/8/9 Tapers: WF, DT, ST 8 lb – 16 lb
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Do you use weights when fly fishing?

In order to get your flies into the feeding zone on the bottom of the river, you need to have enough tippet or leader between your strike indicator and flies (typically 1.5X – 2X the depth of the water being fished), and you will need to add weight.

What weight fly rod should I use?

Virtually all fly fishing guides agree that a 9′ rod for 5-weight line is the most versatile trout rod in the world. If you’re likely to fish a mix of lakes, creeks and rivers, a 9′ 5-weight is a no brainer first rod. If you have no idea where you are going to fish, buy a 9′ 5-weight.

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