Quick Answer: Can you fish at Lake Ray Hubbard?

Lake Ray Hubbard is a very special fishery. Located in Dallas Texas, this fishery offers metropolitan anglers a wide variety of species. A quality Crappie, White Bass, Hybrid Striper, and Black Bass fishery. … White bass, channel catfish, and white crappie fishing continue to be good.

Where can I fish on Lake Ray Hubbard?

The heated discharge area on the west side south of I30 is a good place to fish for all kinds of sportfish in Ray Hubbard. Humps and points that extend into the lake are your best bets for hybrids and white bass. Largemouth bass will be found around vegetation or along riprap.

Is there catfish in Lake Ray Hubbard?

Lake ray hubbard is a lake near Rowlett. The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Blue catfish, and Channel catfish.

Are there sharks in Lake Ray Hubbard?

Yes there are sharks in Lake Ray Hubbard…. The lake itself was named after named after the singer..”Ray Wylie Hubbard” Many people do not know this little factoid.

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Is it illegal to swim in Lake Ray Hubbard?

There are no less than 50 lakes within a 100-mile radius of the Metroplex. … Although you can water-ski on a couple of the lakes owned by the City of Dallas, it is illegal to swim in any of them. In other words, if you fall while water-skiing over at Lake Ray Hubbard, it is theoretically illegal to swim back to the boat.

What is the deepest part of Lake Ray Hubbard?


What is the deepest lake in Texas?

Lake Buchanan (Texas)

Lake Buchanan
First flooded 1939
Surface area 22,333 acres (34.9 sq mi; 90.4 km2)
Max. depth 132 ft (40 m)
Water volume 875,566 acre⋅ft (1.079995 km3)

Does Lake Ray Hubbard flood?

Rockwall Lake Floods, and There’s Likely More Where That Came From. LAke Ray Hubbard, which spilled into the yards of 21 residents in Rockwall Thursday.

Do you need a fishing license for Lake Ray Hubbard?

The department said there will be no fees for those fishing across the state but bag and size limits still are in force. You can download an app to find the latest fishing regulations. Here in the Dallas area, there are plenty of lakes to choose from including White Rock, Ray Hubbard, Bachman and Lavon lakes.

What is the water temperature of Lake Ray Hubbard?

Lake Ray Hubbard’s current water temperature is 79°F.

Why are there trees in Lake Ray Hubbard?

Since the lake was built to serve as an emergency water supply for the City of Dallas, engineers originally wanted to remove all the trees from the lake bed — one tree can take up many gallons of water storage space.

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Are there alligators in Ray Roberts Lake?

As far as I can tell, the partial skeleton I found on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, Saturday, is that of an alligator. … A lot of walking yielded one partial set of bones that I could not identify at the time, but have since come to believe are the remains of the sole gator on Lake Ray Roberts.

What is the deepest part of Lake Tawakoni?


Is Lake Ray Hubbard nice?

Area surrounding the lake is nice with restaurants and shopping options. Boating and leisure activities make this a great in-town area.

Can you kayak on Lake Ray Hubbard?

Lake Ray Hubbard was impounded in 1968. The lake serves as a recreational destination, fishing spot and water supply for the surrounding cities. … An old bridge in the middle of the lake offers a convenient spot to tie off your canoe or kayak and enjoy a refreshing swim.

Is Lake Ray Hubbard good for boating?

Ray Hubbard is excellent for fishing, boating, and is renowned for sailing. There are four marinas, three public boat ramps, a couple fun bars and restaurants, and a yacht club famous for sailing regattas.

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