Quick Answer: How do you fish for trout in NJ?

Fishing for stocked trout in lakes or ponds from a boat or shore usually involves the use of bait or lures. Boat anglers generally troll trout spoons and small crank baits or use live bait. Bait anglers generally anchor or drift using a sliding egg sinker or bobber with a number 6 or 8 baitholder hook.

What is the best bait for trout?

Top 5 Baits For Rainbow Trout and How To Fish Them

  • Berkley Powerbait. The go-to choice for any Rainbow trout angler. …
  • Berkley Micetails. Taking its design inspiration from anglers that used an egg and grub cocktail hook bait. …
  • Maggots. …
  • Berkley Trout Bait Nuggets.


Is Trout fishing open in New Jersey?

Trout stocked waters open to catch-and-release fishing April 1 at 8 am through April 9. Opening day of trout season is April 10 at 8am with a daily limit of six trout. No Bonus Broodstock Lakes will be designated in 2021. Broodstock will be distributed throughout the state.

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What is the favorite type of fishing gear for trout?

Some of the best and most popular spinners for trout are the Panther Martin, Mepps Aglia, Worden’s Roostertail, and Blue Fox Vibrax. For spoons, it’s tough to beat the Lil Cleo, Kastmaster, and Krocodile models.

Where’s the best trout fishing in New Jersey?

Trout Fishing in NJ

  • Where to Fish for Trout in New Jersey. If you want to go trout fishing in New Jersey, but aren’t sure which waterways to try, these spots are often considered among the best in the state.
  • Lake Hopatcong. …
  • Pequest River. …
  • Pohtacong Creek. …
  • Raritan River. …
  • Rockaway River. …
  • Round Valley Reservoir.

Is corn a good bait for trout?

While fresh corn, yellow or white, doesn’t seem to work well at all, canned, whole-kernel, yellow corn makes a great trout bait.

What time of day is best for trout fishing?

The best time of day to catch trout is early morning from dawn until 2 hours after sunrise and the second-best time of day is late afternoon from 3 hours prior to sunset until dusk.

Can you keep trout in NJ?

Trout stocked waters will be open to catch-and-release fishing on April 1 at 8 am through April 9. Opening day of trout season is April 10 at 8am with a daily limit of six trout. No Bonus Broodstock Lakes will be designated in 2021. Broodstock will be distributed throughout the state.

How much is a trout stamp in NJ?


All Around Sportsman (includes Resident Fishing, Firearm Hunting and Bow Hunting licenses) $72.25
Resident Trout Stamp $10.50
Non-Resident Fishing (Ages 16 and up) $34.00
Non-Resident Trout Stamp $20.00
7-Day Vacation Fishing (nonresidents only) $19.50
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Is there trout in NJ?

New Jersey also boasts two fabulous Trophy Trout Lakes. Round Valley and Merrill Creek Reservoirs both support monster rainbow trout, brown trout and lake trout. … Angler fishing access abounds in New Jersey, and this is where this small state has it big on many of its larger counterparts.

Do you need a bobber for trout fishing?

Is it better to fish with or without a bobber? If fishing live bait for trout, panfish, and bullheads, or you want to suspend your bait off the bottom, a bobber is beneficial to most fishermen. If you are fishing large bait for bigger fish or fishing on the bottom, a bobber can be detrimental to your fishing success.

What color lures do trout like?

The best lure colors for trout are: white, gold, brown, green, black, silver, pink, orange, yellow and red. As well as any other pattern or color that best matches the trout’s forage.

What depth do trout swim at?

In the early spring and fall lake trout swim at a depth of between 35 and 45 feet (10.7 to 13.7m). Later in the spring and in the summer they move deeper to 50 to 65 feet (15.4 to 19.8m). In cold weather, when the lake is iced over, trout are found closer to the surface, at a depth of about 10 feet (3 m).

Do I need a trout stamp in NJ?

Trout Stamps A valid fishing license and trout stamp are both required to fish for or possess trout and salmon for all anglers (residents and non-residents) 16 and over, and residents under the age of 70. No trout stamp is required for residents age 70 years and over.

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Where is the best place to trout fish?

But we’ll stand by our claim that any of the following are worthy exemplars of just how good trout fishing in America can be!

  • Gallatin River (Montana) …
  • Yellowstone River (Montana) …
  • South Fork Flathead River (Montana) …
  • Clearwater River (Idaho) …
  • Deschutes River (Oregon) …
  • North Umpqua River (Oregon) …
  • Kern River (California)


What flies to use for trout in NJ?

Fly anglers should use Hares Ear Nymphs, Prince Nymphs, and small midge patterns for subsurface, along with meaty streamers like the Wooly Bugger. Elk Hair Caddis, small Mayfly imitations like Blue Wing Olives and Griffin Gnats are good for your dry fly box.

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