Quick Answer: How do you get the fishing rod in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town switch?

The fishing rod is given to the player for free from Zack. After settling into Mineral Town, you can visit Zack’s house on Mineral Beach. Zack will give you the fishing rod during this visit. You can upgrade your tools by giving the appropriate ore and fee to Saibara at the blacksmith’s shop.

How do you get a fishing rod in Harvest Moon switch?

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on the ground outside your house, he has been robbed and is starving. He will ask you to give him something to eat. And to repay you for the favor he will give you a Fishing Rod.

How do you get a fishing pole in Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns?

On Summer 1, you will receive a Fishing Rod from your town’s mayor. Until then, you can only do bare-hand fishing. To use the Fishing Rod, equip it as a tool and then go to one of the four docks you’ll find in the mountain area. Press A when prompted on the dock to cast your rod.

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How do you upgrade your fishing rod in story of Mineral Town Story of seasons?

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Fishing Rod Upgrades. When you first get the rod, it’s just at level one like all your other tools. And like your other tools, you can upgrade it at Saibara’s forge.

Who is Cyril Harvest Moon?

Cyril is a bachelor in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. The son of aristocrat, Cyril acts a bit helpless, but is actually kind-hearted, and Ignorant.

Where do you get the fishing rod in Harvest Moon Boy and Girl?

dont forget to empty a space at your rucksack(tools side).. talk to him and he’ll gives you the fishing rod..if you wanna get a fishing pole, your fish pond must have 50 fish inside and tommorow, he come and admire about your collection.. talk to him and he’ll give you a fishing pole..

What does Cam like Harvest Moon?

Aside from flowers, Cam also sells perfume and flower seeds at his stall. … Cam also loves cats, but does not have one of his own; some of his requests and events will include cats, including the yellow flower event.

Where can I find ore stones in Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns?

There’s six ways you can collect Ore Stone: foraging in the mountain, looking through the completed tunnel, jumping into the rivers, throwing snowballs in Winter, foraging in the tunnel mine foraging spots, and Raul’s Item Needed request.

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Where can I buy seeds in tale of two towns?

Both towns have a general goods shop, a food shop, and a pet shop. In Bluebell you’ll find the animal ranching and flower shop, and Konohana has the crop seed shop. You can buy items from each town’s retail stores at any time.

How do you catch the big fish in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

You can catch larger and rarer fish by upgrading your fishing rod. There are several uses for fish: they can be sold for a profit, gifted, or cooked with.

How do you get cursed tools in Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town?

Obtaining. These tools are unique and can only be found in theLake Mine, which is only accessible during the winter when Mother’s Hill lake is frozen, or by teleporting there via the Teleport Stone. Each tool is found on a specific floor of the mine.

How do you level up AXE in Mineral Town?

go to the spring mine. Use your desired tool until nearly exhausted. Go out, rest in the spa until fully rested, go back into mine, repeat. I’m in year 1 spring, nearing the end of the month, and I’ve got the majority of my tools upgraded to gold.

What does Dean like in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Dean helps his mother Carol run the local flower shop, and not only does he love flowers, but he is well versed in the language of flowers as well. Like his mother, Dean used to be a bit frail and sickly when he was younger, until he started going on hikes with his father and became stronger.

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What does Nova like in Harvest Moon?

Curious about the new world around her, Nova loves to socialize with both people and animals, and is the person who brought you to Jeanne after you shipwrecked on the island!

Who is Carol Harvest Moon Light?

Carol is one of the townspeople in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Carol runs a flower shop with her son, Dean, where the player can buy flower seeds, fertilizer, and special blends. The special blends can give the player crop mutations for flowers and crops.

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