What are the best fishing lures for spring?

What lures to use in spring?

The following list of bass fishing lures is what he would want for the ultimate well-stocked spring bass tackle box.

  • Lipless Crankbait. Peter will sometimes let lipless crankbaits bounce of the bottom if there is no debris. …
  • Jerk Bait. …
  • Square-Bill Crankbait. …
  • Spinnerbait. …
  • Fluke. …
  • Speed Worm. …
  • ‘Swimmer’ …
  • Swimbait.


What do bass bite in early spring?

Crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, and jigs slowly dragged across the bottom are all effective on deep, early-spring bass. Bass moving toward spawning coves will stop to feed at isolated cover such as rocks or fallen trees. Even old weed patches from last year will hold fish.

What lures to use for bass in March?

Small Ponds

  • Strike King Premier Pro Model Jig. …
  • Rapala Husky Jerk. …
  • 3/8-ounce Strike King Premiere Plus Spinnerbait. …
  • 4-inch Big Bite Baits Trick Stick. …
  • Strike King KVD 2.5 Square Bill Crankbait. …
  • 3-inch Berkley Power Grub on 1/8-ounce jighead.
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What colors do bass like in the spring?

The best spring time colors for bass fishing are: red, chartreuse, ghost patterns, white, black & blue and browns depending on the light penetration and water clarity.

What do largemouth bass eat in early spring?

Food Sources

The best live bait for bass are crawfish and minnows (minnows is a catch-all term and can include shiners, shad, and creek chub). Lures with a lot of action and that stay in the strike zone for as long as possible are especially successful in early spring.

Where can I bass fish early spring?

As bass make their way to the shallows, they will linger in spots along points and ridges, especially where flat shallows meet steep drop-offs. Migrating bass can also be found around rocky areas, emergent grasses, docks and fallen trees. These are often the best places to hook bass in early spring.

What month is best for bass fishing?

When it comes to catching bass, every season has its opportunities and challenges. Fishing can come alive in the dead of winter on a mild afternoon, but spring and fall usually present the best action. Generally, I try to avoid extremes of heat and cold and times when the water temperature falls rapidly.

How do you catch big bass in early spring?

Start out deep near the main lake points or common deep areas that bass like to hang out and work your way more shallow. Jerkbaits, crankbaits, A-rigs, walking baits and swimbaits are just some of the moving baits that are essential to have rigged up. Keep moving until you find the fish.

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What lures to use for bass in spring?

Early Spring Bass Lures: Soft Plastics

With so many rigging options available, a soft plastic craw is an easy lure choice for this time of year. Texas rigs, shaky heads, and Carolina rigs are three of my favorite ways to fish a soft plastic craw in the early Spring.

What lures are good for spring bass fishing?

Lipless crankbaits like the Rat-L-Trap and Red Eye shad are also some of the best early spring bass lures. These lures can be used to cover plenty of water and are effective once the water temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Top colored choices here are blue back and silver, craw orange or red.

What bait should I use in March?

Since March is nearly always windy, spinnerbaits should be considered a top choice. Always fish big laydowns or pole timber in the back of pockets with this bait. If the water is in the bushes, watch out! You could be in for the best fishing of the year with a spinnerbait.

How old is a 10 pound largemouth bass?

In other words: “Big” equals “old.” But in the world of bass, “big” does not equal “old.” In Florida, scientists used otoliths (ear bones) to determine that a 10-pound-plus largemouth was just 4 years old.

What color is best for spring bass fishing?

Springtime colors should be shad shad and crawfish-related whites, white/chartreuse, reds and browns. Summertime means hot days and higher water temperatures. Bass will move near shore early to feed and then return to open water around creek channels or deeper structure.

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2. Dardevle Spinnie. The familiar red-and-white striped Dardevle is probably the world’s most recognized fishing lure, just as effective now as it was a century ago when Lou Eppinger first started selling them. Among varied sizes, the Dardevle Spinnie is basic for bass, larger trout, and more.

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