What fish are in Odell Lake AZ?

Odell Lake is a popular local fishing spot and is frequently stocked with crappie, northern pike and bullhead catfish. The lake can also be used for tubing, kayaking and canoeing.

Is Odell lake open for fishing?

Open to fishing from April 22 through October 31.

All tributaries to Odell Lake are closed to fishing. Odell Lake Lodge & Resort provides up to date fishing regulations and resources.

How deep is Odell?

282 фута

What kind of fish are in Arizona?

Sport Fish Species

  • Largemouth Bass. Northern Pike. Rainbow Trout. Redear Sunfish.
  • Roundtail Chub. Smallmouth Bass. Striped Bass. Tilapia.
  • Tiger Trout. Walleye. White Bass. White Crappie.
  • Yellow Bass. Yellow Bullhead. Yellow Perch.

How do you get to Odell Lake Munds Park?

Crystal Point/Odell Lake Trails, Munds Park

Driving directions: From Flagstaff, take Interstate 17 south for 15 miles to the Pinewood Boulevard exit in Munds Park. Travel east 2 miles on Pinewood until it becomes a dirt road. Shortly after a cattle grate, turn left into the parking area.

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Can you fish in Odell Lake?

best fishing in Oregon and one of the best fishing spots in the Pacific Northwest. Odell Lake holds the state record for the largest Mackinaw shattering the 40lb. … But that’s not all Odell Lake is jam-packed with many other species of fish such as Kokanee (landlocked salmon) and rainbow trout.

Can you swim in Odell Lake?

Odell Lake is home to lake trout, bull trout, rainbow trout, kokanee and whitefish. … Waldo Lake, located just northwest of Odell Lake off Forest Service Road 5897, offers lots of swimming, biking, hiking and paddling opportunities.

Does Kokanee salmon go to Ocean?

Kokanee are land-locked sockeye salmon. This means that they do not travel to the ocean and return inland to spawn, instead they complete their entire life cycle in Lake Coeur d’Alene.

When can you fish in Odell Lake?

Odell Lake Fishing Regulations

Odell Lake opens to fishing on the fourth Saturday in April and closes after October 31. The mackinaw limit is strict at Odell: Only one lake trout at least 30 inches long may be retained per day. The lake trout count as part of a five-trout bag limit that also may include rainbow trout.

Does Odell lake freeze over?

Windy weather often is a challenge at Odell Lake. Although the winds typically keep the lake from freezing, the winds kick up a good chop on the lake by mid-day that can be a challenge for boating. … The west end of the lake is the best-protected and can stay fishable all day.

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Game Fish of Ariona

These are the most popular game fish in Arizona. There are more species than listed below that may be protected such as the native Gila Trout or they may not be considered “Game Fish” or a sport fish. The information below is mostly compiled from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

What is the biggest fish caught in Arizona?

Angler’s 76.52-pound flathead is an Arizona record and the heaviest fish ever caught in the state. An angler and guide nicknamed “Flathead Ed” lived up to his moniker and then some Friday by catching a 76.52-pound flathead catfish, which is an Arizona record and the heaviest fish of any species ever landed in the state …

Do senior citizens need a fishing license in Arizona?

Fishing License – A valid Arizona fishing license is required for Arizona resident and non-resident anglers 10 years of age or older fishing any public accessible water in Arizona.

What is there to do in Munds Park AZ?

Things to do in Munds Park

  • Agee’s Barbecue Market. 17680 N Munds Ranch. Restaurant.
  • Pinewood Bar & Grill. 65 Pinewood Blvd. …
  • Pinewood Farmers’ Market. 17680 South Munds Ranch. …
  • Pump House. Point of Interest.
  • Pinewood Country Club. 395 Pinewood Blvd. …
  • Munds Park Gas Mini Mart LLC. 17700 N Munds Ranch. …
  • Munds Park. Top-rated experiences.

How far is Munds Park from Sedona?

Yes, the driving distance between Munds Park to Sedona is 40 miles. It takes approximately 45 min to drive from Munds Park to Sedona.

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Where is Mormon Lake?

Mormon Lake is a shallow, intermittent lake located in northern Arizona in Pleasant Valley. With an average depth of only 10 ft (3.0 m), the surface area of the lake is extremely volatile and fluctuates seasonally.

Mormon Lake
Settlements Mormon Lake and Lakeview
Big fishing