What is the best trolling rods for walleye?

What is a good trolling rod for walleye?

Walleye trolling rods such as the Shakespeare Ugly Stik should have a few key features: They should be at least 7 feet 6 inches, but by far the most popular lengths are 8 to 8 feet 6 inches.

How do I choose a troll Rod?

If you’ll be regularly targeting larger fish, it’s a good idea to choose a trolling rod with an inner flow configuration or roller guides that won’t put as much stress on your line. A longer pole can also help absorb impact from a hard strike more efficiently than a shorter pole.

Who makes the best walleye rods?

Four Reader-Tested Walleye Jigging Rods

  • Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye. “Well balanced, lightweight, but very strong.” …
  • St. Croix Eyecon Walleye Series. …
  • Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Signature Series. Schill liked the rod’s hooksetting ability with enough sensitivity “to feel that twitch.” …
  • Shimano Clarus CSS66M2B.


How long should a walleye rod be?

The length of a walleye rod is not the most important thing, but it should be taken into consideration. Generally, we look for a rod in the six to six-and-a-half feet range. This is a great length to give you that nice fast tip, while still providing enough power to set the hook and land a decent sized walleye.

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What lure is best for walleye?

The 15 Best Walleye Jigs and Lures (& How to Use Them)

  • Rapala Shad Rap (No. …
  • Lindy Watsit Jig. …
  • Rapala Husky Jerk. …
  • Storm Hot ‘n Tot Mad Flash. …
  • Reef Runner Little Ripper. …
  • Koppers Live Target Crawfish. …
  • Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler XPS Jig Spin. …
  • Northland Fishing Tackle Forage Minnow Jigging Spoon.


What pound test should I use for walleye?

For casting to walleye, you can either choose 100 percent fluorocarbon or braid with a fluorocarbon leader. 10-20 lb braid with an 8-12 lb leader for casting lures. If you choose fluorocarbon, 8-12 lbs will suffice.

Can I cast with a trolling rod?

Trolling rods are not designed for surf fishing. They are better suited for trolling behind a moving boat or from a pier or jetties. If you try surf fishing with a trolling rod, you will not be able to cast well into the water, and you will have less potential for catching fish.

What is the difference between a casting rod and a trolling rod?

A casting rod uses a baitcaster reel and can withstand different combinations of power and action. On the other hand, a trolling rod uses a trolling reel and is usually medium-heavy or heavy power with different types of action depending on the type of fish one wants to catch.

How long should a trolling rod be?

Get The Right Gear

Trolling is one of the most gear specific techniques there is in fishing, and having the right rods, reels, and line will make a huge difference in depth control, and success. Most trolling rods are long, (7 ½ to 9 feet) and have forgiving tapers.

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How do I choose a walleye rod?

There are a few different actions to look for with a walleye rod – medium-heavy, medium, medium-lite and light. Choose an action level based on the environment and time of year that you typically fish for walleye.

What makes a good walleye jigging rod?

What size rod is best for walleye jigging? If you’re doing vertical jigging, it’s better to choose a shorter rod, between 6’3” and 6’9” rod length. This is ideal for lowering your jig straight down from the boat (in some ways similar to ice fishing), after locating a group of fish on your fish finder.

Does Fenwick make good rods?

​The Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod is a damn good rod overall. You definitely cannot go wrong with these and they certainly won’t fail you. Fenwick has an experience of 18 years of manufacturing with this fishing tackle, and these Eagles testify to that.

What is a walleye rigging rod?

The rigging rod is made of graphite that transmits the lightest touch to the anglers fingertips. The Walleye Angler Extreme trolling and deadstick rods are longer and are a combination of fiberglass and graphite. They may range in lengths of 6′ 3″ to 8′ 3″.

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