What kind of fish are in Lake Nipissing?

Are there sharks in Lake Nipissing?

“Lake Nipissing is a very big lake, and it’s only 3 sharks.

Is there sturgeon in Lake Nipissing?

The study takes place every spring from early May to mid June when sturgeon are spawning in the rivers off Lake Nipissing. Sturgeon are known to spawn in three rivers off of the lake: the fish swim up stream until they encounter something that prevents them from swimming any further (e.g. rapids).

Is Lake Nipissing safe to swim in?

A pair of North Bay beaches on Lake Nipissing have been deemed safe by the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit. … The Health Unit says that beaches were never closed. The Health Unit has issued advisories for harmful blue-green algae; however, it is safe to swim in the area when the bloom is not present.

How many species of fish are in Lake Nipissing?

About Lake Nipissing

44 fish species. a sport fish community featuring bass, yellow perch, northern pike and walleye.

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Are there crappie in Lake Nipissing?

Carp Could Stir Up Trouble In Nipissing

An unwelcome species of fish has made its presence known to Lake Nipissing anglers. … He said carp isn’t the only invasive species in Lake Nipissing – black crappie and spiny water fleas are not native to the area.

Has there ever been a shark attack in Canada?

“Canada is in pretty much the same boat. Our last recorded shark fatality in a non-provoked attack was back in the 1800s.”

Is Lake Nipissing frozen?

It doesn’t take long after Lake Nipissing freezes over for it to become one big rink for kids and adults alike. … Rink Nipissing is back in business as colder weather has frozen the area’s largest skating surface.

Are sturgeon in lakes?

Despite their name, lake sturgeon are found in rivers as well as lakes. The fish’s range spans North America from the Hudson Bay to Mississippi River. This fish was once an abundant species in the ecosystems of the Great Lakes, but overharvesting has decreased its numbers.

Where can I fish on Lake Nipissing?

Lake Nipissing Fishing Hot Spots

  • Lake Nipissing is located in Northeastern Ontario’s Fisheries Management Zone 11. …
  • North Shore (North Bay)
  • Best Western North Bay. …
  • Lake access can be found in Sturgeon Falls at the Marina and at Cache Bay near the trailer park. …
  • Sturgeon Falls Fire Fighter Pike Derby.


Is Lake Nipissing clean?

Lake Nipissing is a productive water body and is highly valued as a recreational lake in Ontario. … Despite the minimal changes reported throughout the main basin of Lake Nipissing, the current water quality of Cache and Callander Bays is significantly different, and is characterized by higher nutrient levels.

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What is the average depth of Lake Nipissing?

The average depth of Lake Nipissing is only 20 feet with a maximum depth of 173 feet near the mouth of the French River.

Are the beaches open in North Bay?

Now all we need is for the weather to cooperate! Beaches at Elks Beach Conservation Area on Trout Lake, off Hwy 17, and Eva Wardlaw Conservation Areas, on Lake Nipissing off Lakeshore Dr. are now open.

Is Lake Nipissing man made?

Lake Nipissing, located on the Canadian Shield, drains a watershed of 13,100 km2 through 12 major rivers, the largest being the Sturgeon River. The lake is the remains of a glacial lake that was created when the ice from the Wisconsinan glaciation began to retreat for the last time in 8,400 BCE.

Where can I ice fish in Lake Nipissing?

PERCH Lake Nipissing is also a very popular ice fishing destination for Jumbo Perch. The sweet tasting flesh of Nipissing Perch is hard to beat and anglers from all over visit the lake to try and catch a limit of these fish. Perch generally school and once you get into a few jumbos, others are not far behind.

How do you fish in Lake Nipissing?

Cover water until you find a walleye, mark the spot and then fish this area slowly with jigs or minnows, and you will usually get a few more, since walleye like to school. When the bite is light, slow your presentation and downsize your baits. With the slightest tap or bump on your bait, set the hook.

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