What kind of fish are in Lake Pepin?

Is Lake Pepin safe to swim in?

Lake Pepin has been placed on the 2004 Impaired Waters List for two types of water quality problems. As a lake, it is impaired by excess nutrients (euthropication) that cause algae blooms, particularly severe during lower-flow periods.

How is the fishing at Lake Pepin?

Lake Pepin is a very good walleye and sauger fishery. Anglers can catch good numbers of walleye to go along with some big fish too. Pike are caught throughout the lake as well and there are some big pike here too. Fish in the 30 inch range are reported frequently on Lake Pepin.

Where can I fish on Lake Pepin?

Fishing At Lake Pepin

Walleye are also popular here. Crappie, perch, pike, white bass, sauger and sunfish round out the list of desired fish species. Two boat launch ramps serve the public on the Minnesota side. The Lake Pepin Boat Ramp is located in Roschen Park, off Lakeshore Drive, about mid lake.

Is Lake Pepin clean?

Lake Pepin TMDL and site-specific standard. The MPCA assessed Lake Pepin in 2002 and found nutrient levels too high to meet state water quality standards designed to ensure that lakes and streams are fishable and swimmable.

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Why is Lake Pepin considered a lake?

Lake Pepin is the largest lake on the Mississippi River. It is a naturally occurring lake formed by the backup of water behind sedimentary deposits of the Chippewa River’s delta.

Are there muskies in Lake Pepin?

The lake is home to nearly every fish found in Minnesota, except tullibee, lake trout and white fish, he said. Yes, brown, rainbow and brook trout have been found there in winter but are rare, and there is a small population of muskies, he said. Overall, Pepin has nearly 100 resident populations of fish, he said.

Can you ice fish on Lake Pepin?

If you’re looking for panfish (particularly Perch), Walleyes, or Northern Pike, Lake Pepin is a good choice. … The area by Stockholm and the Pepin Marina are both popular ice fishing spots.

Can you canoe on Lake Pepin?

A beautiful wide spot in the Mississippi River! You can access the Lake at many different places.

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Are there wing dams in Lake Pepin?

A Walleye fishing paradise from Lock and Dam Number 3 down to Lock and Dam Number 4, Lake Pepin is a trollers dream. … There’s the lake, the Wisconsin back channel, slues and cuts, loads of wing dams in the lower stretch by Wabasha and many more on the upper stretch by Red Wing.

Are there bull sharks in Minnesota?

An internet search pulls up references to bul sharks being found as far north as the Ohio River, and there are documented and confirmed reports of at least 3 bull sharks in Minnesota waters.

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What is the depth of Lake Pepin?


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