What kind of fish are in the Comal River?

The Fish: The Comal is home to many native species like the Largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, various Sunfish, the Rio Grande Cichlid, Blue catfish and Smallmouth Bass. There are also invasive and exotic species like Grass carp, Mozambique tilapia and Armored catfish (plecostomus).

What type of fish are in the Comal River?

Comal River is a stream near New Braunfels. The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, and Bluegill. 595 catches are logged on Fishbrain.

What kind of fish are in Landa Park?


Species Weight Length
Bass, Largemouth 7.01 23.50
Cichlid, Rio Grande 1.03 10.00
Sunfish, Bluegill 0.54 7.75
Sunfish, Green 0.50 7.95

What animals are in the Comal River?

No there are not alligators or other dangerous reptiles or animals in the water. You may see a small turtle or small harmless fish but nothing else. over a year ago. Only turtles on the side mainly, few fish.

Is the Comal River safe?

The Comal River is almost always OPEN year-round, except when the Comal River closes is during times of high water and flooding right after heavy rainfall for public safety concerns, once the river levels have receded to safe levels, the Comal River immediately reopens for access via public parks and private venues.

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Are there fish in Canyon Lake?

Озеро Каньон/Виды рыб

Can you kayak in Landa Park?

Today, the park is a community gathering spot and destination for visitors looking to relax under one of the giant oaks, jog the many trails, kayak on the Comal River, or see it all from the miniature train that circles the park.

Can the Comal River be banned?

Can Ban Rule: No Disposable Containers are allowed on the Comal River: All “throw away” and/or “one time use” drink containers, food packaging and wrappers, are prohibited, banned, and outlawed on the Comal River. This Rule is also known as the “New Braunfels Can Ban”.

Can you swim in the Comal River?

The Comal River is a spring-fed body of water with a consistent temperature of 70 to 72 degrees, even in the thick of summer. The natural water provides enough entertainment for the whole family, including kayaking, swimming, and tubing.

Are there alligators in the Frio River?

The reservoir, built in the early 1980s, created an abundance of alligator habitat, especially the maze of land and shallow water in the lake’s upper reaches along the flooded Frio River and San Miguel Creek. … Also, South Texas’ gator population holds a relatively high percentage of old gators.

Which river is better to float Comal or Guadalupe?

The Comal River is spring fed and offers a consistent float experience with limited rapids. The Guadalupe River is fed by releases from Canyon Lake which can vary, and offers a more rugged experience.

Can you float the Comal River for free?

Personal flotation devices will be provided to Comal River tubers for free with a deposit. Get yours at the New Braunfels City Tube Chute or other river outfitters.

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Why is the Comal River so cold?

Because the Comal regulates its own temperature owing to a steady flow rate, being constantly and evenly fed by the Comal Springs, it enjoys a comfortable temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the season. …

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