What was the belief of the little fish?

The little fish believed that if he was bigger, he would be happier.

What is the moral of the story a little fish story?

A Little Fish Story is about a little fish who feels unhappy because he is so small. He feels that the big fish have so much to be thankful for. However, soon his small size proves to be a blessing in disguise.

What lesson did the little fish learn?

It wasn’t until morning, that the fish saw something bright. “Look down there!” he cried, pointing to the reef that was in sight. The fish swam down toward it, happy to be home. That day he learned a lesson: Never swim alone!

Why was the little fish and happy?

1) There are a million fish in the sea. 2) The little fish was unhappy because he was so very small. 3) One day the fish got caught in the meshes of a great net. 4) The fish was thankful to be a little fish, as he was able to come out of the meshes of the net because of its small size.

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How many fish are there in the sea *?

Originally Answered: How many fish are there in the sea? The newest estimates say about 3,5 trillion fish currently living in the world ocean.

What did the little fish want to know from his mother?

Ans: The little fish wanted the mother to get worm For him because he was hungry.

Why did the flowers love the little children?

The flowers loved the little children because they (children) watered their thirsty roots and dug the ground very well.

What happened to little fish?

What happened to the fish one day? Ans. The fish was caught in the mesh of a net.

What is the common theme of the little fish story?

Because of its easy-to-digest graphic style, it is accessible to both low and high level readers, and it explores common themes in the lives of teenagers: finding an identity as a young adult, forging new friendships, battling insecurities, and adjusting to life’s changes.

How did the little fish escape the mesh?

How did the little fish escape the mesh? (2 marks) Ans: The little fish wriggled through the mesh and jumped into the cool, clear water. Ans: After escaping the mesh, the little fish realized the advantages of being small. He got his freedom back and was happy about it.

Why was the little fish unhappy Class 3 English?

Ans. The little fish was unhappy because he was very small. 3. What happened to the fish one day?

What would the little fish say over and over again?

Now this little fish had everything in the seas to make him contented, but he was not happy. … “It is very hard to be such a little mite of a fish!” he would say, over and over again. “If I were only larger, how much happier I could be.” And he said it so many times that I think he believed it.

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What do little fish want their mom to do?

What does the baby fish want the mother fish to do? Ans- The baby fish wants the mother fish to get a worm for him.

How many fish are killed each year?

At least one trillion fish are slaughtered each year for human consumption.

Why is it difficult to count the number of fish in the tank?

But fish live in a mostly invisible world beneath the ocean surface, they move around constantly, and they eat each other. This creates a dynamic population structure that’s incredibly difficult to track, making fish virtually impossible to count.

How many species of fish are there in the world 2020?

There are over 34,000 recognized species of fish around the world, and they inhabit a wide range of watery habitats.

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