You asked: Should I get curved or straight shower rod?

Should I get a straight or curved shower rod?

For example, if you have a very small bathroom that doesn’t have room to spare, you’re going to want to pick a straight rod that won’t cut into your already limited space. On the other hand, if your shower is tiny and cramped, you’ll want to choose a curved rod so the liner isn’t always crowding you while you wash off.

Is a curved shower rod better?

She says, “a curved shower rod is a great solution for both form and function. It provides more room in your shower, it keeps the wet shower curtain from clinging to you and it helps to keep the water in the shower.”

When should you use a curved shower rod?

More Room. A curved shower rod pushes the shower curtain away from the shower stall, creating more room in the shower for moving around. This isconvenient for handicapped people who may require additional room to get in and out of the shower and maneuver around the shower stall itself.

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Do curved shower rods give more space?

They dramatically change the shape of a bathroom, making showers more luxurious and spacious. Don’t let the square footage of your bathroom scare you into a boring, straight shower rod. Curved shower curtain rods will expand your bathroom space even in small bathroom spaces and don’t take up too much more room.

Does a regular shower curtain fit a curved rod?

Short answer: Nope! Long answer: There is absolutely no need to buy a special shower curtain to accommodate your curved shower curtain rod. You may choose to purchase an extra-wide shower curtain if you want, but that is entirely up to you.

Do curved shower rods work in shower stalls?

Curved rods are usually installed closer to the back wall of the shower than a straight rod. The rod must be back far enough so that the curtain is able to be tucked behind the lip of your shower stall.

Where should you place a curved shower curtain rod?

A curved shower rod should be mounted approximately 3 inches closer to the opposite shower wall than brackets for a standard rod would be mounted. If you don’t compensate for the rod’s curve, you won’t be able to tuck the ends of the liner into the tub.

What is the best shower curtain rod to buy?

  • BEST OVERALL: BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rods 42-72 Inches.
  • RUNNER-UP: TEECK Shower Curtain Rod, 40-73 inch.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Amazer Shower Curtain Rod, 42-72 Inches.
  • BEST FOR CORNER SHOWER: Sikaiqi L Shaped Shower Curtain Rod.
  • BEST FOR CORNER TUB: PrettyHome L Shaped Bathtub Corner Rod.
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Why use a curved shower curtain rod?

Curved Shower Curtain Rods

Create an illusion of a wider shower and provide more elbow room by installing a curved shower curtain rod. Use these to efficiently hang a shower curtain, so water doesn’t escape to the floor. You should also select a curved rod if you have a unique curved bathtub.

How high should a curved shower curtain rod be?

The standard shower curtain is 72 inches (183 cm) long, and when it is linked to shower hooks, it usually gains another two inches (five cm). To prevent the curtain from dragging on the floor of the tub, hang the curved shower rod at a height of 74 inches or more.

What is the best curved shower curtain rod?

The Best Shower Curtain Rod on the Market of 2021

  • Zenna Home NeverRust Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod. …
  • AmazonBasics Tension Shower Curtain Rod (Our Top Pick) …
  • BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rod. …
  • Barclay L-Corner Shower Rod. …
  • ALLZONE Tension Shower Curtain Rod. …
  • AMG Ultra-Twisted Cage Shower Curtain Rod. …
  • Claw Foot D-Shaped Shower Kit.

What kind of shower rod won’t rust?

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for durable, metal rods, you should make sure that they’re made of stainless steel or chrome, as they don’t rust easily.

With that in mind, the best shower curtain rod material options on the market right now are:

  • Stainless steel.
  • Chrome.
  • Plastic.
  • Wood.
  • Bamboo.


What is the best shower curtain?

The research

  • Upgrade pick: Crate & Barrel Pebble Matelassé White Shower Curtain.
  • Also great: Hookless Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain.
  • Also great: Maytex Water Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain Liner.
  • Also great: Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks.
  • A few notes on design.
  • Care and maintenance.
  • The competition.
  • Sources.
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